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Sup im Blue. I like to play Minecraft and chat on Pesterchum/Trollian. If you dont know what they are well that's easy to explain. Minecraft is like legos but with exploding jerks and Trollian/Pesterchum is a chating RP thing inspired by Homestuck. My RP style like most peoples is unique i suppose. im not a strong paragraph role players and generally type in short burst. I tend to misspell alot so pleas consider yourself warned and i do apologize for my misspells.i will generally be open for RP on the weekends and my be open during the weekday if im not in collage/work. im sorry if i dont come on alot but when i do i will be more than happy to RP with anyone.
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Jullio the Psionic 3 xp GM:  cjbar8
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