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I am new to Fabletop but extremely interested in the whole idea. I am an American who lives in Saudi Arabia working at an international school. I don't have very much experience in table top games in general and this seem to be my only way to play. I know my times are very different of those in the states but I am still interested in playing.

I would like to play as a Traveling Monk who has lived most of his life learning about life energy "Vis" or "Ki" which he uses to heal and defend himself and others in need. He learned of this energy when he faced a terrible attack on his families farm where he lost his father. After losing his father he went deep into meditation where he unlocked this ability to sense life energy. Once he was able to sense the life energy it wasn't long until he learned how to use it to heal and to create energy attacks and shields. After discovering these abilities he wandered from village to village healing the sick, sharing knowledge of herbs and medicines from travels, fighting off small monsters or bandits, and most importantly to him teaching others of the life force around them and how to use it to heal.
Roghin the Monk 10 xp GM:  nikitaw99
Aksel the Medic 5 xp GM:  skalmold666
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