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I like my fantasy high, and my sci-fi dystopian. I like to have fun when playing with an equal balance of silliness and focus (my all time favourite character was a 4e Dwarven Sorcerer named Clarence who believed himself to be an elf; but his backstory was clear and motivations solid). As an acting major, I see stats and rolls simply as a way to aid the roleplay. An interesting character is more interesting to me than skills and stats.

Hooked on fast-paced message-board RPG's, I delved into tabletop games like WoD (Masquerade, etc.) and D&D as soon as I found a local group. I have played: Vampire the Masquerade, Dogs in the Vineyard, D&D (4.5e & 5e), Dark Heresy.

I'm interested in playing one-shot games, since my availability is sporadic, and I live in the Australian Eastern Standard Time zone. Any regular play time would need to be scheduled.
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