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Running Checks (Why they are Might, not Agility)

ladysarin Apr '18
It is interesting having a debate with a GM over the roll specifics for a Run check, when they ask for an AGILITY roll. The thing is, they associate Agility with speed, and thereby equate that to mean Running speed.. they do not care for hearing that they are wrong in this association.. but fear not! I have decided to make a topic specifically about it, to explain just why Agility does not apply for such a roll.

First off, let us examine Base Traits in Fabletop and their defining details:

Might (Melee Combat, Strength, Stamina, Athletics)
Agility (Ranged Combat, Dexterity, Reaction, Stealth)
Wisdom (Senses, Knowledge, Will, Communication)

Next, let us look at the definitions of various terms related. Might, Stamina, Athletics, Agility, Dexterity, and Reaction.

Might - (1) : bodily strength (2) : the power, energy, or intensity of which one is capable

Stamina - (1) : the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. (2) : staying power, endurance

Athletics - (1) : exercises, sports, or games engaged in by athletes
(2) : the practice or principles of athletic activities (3) : the sport of competing in track and field events, including running races and various competitions in jumping and throwing.

Agility - (1) : the power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness: exercises demanding agility. (2) : the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity.

Dexterity - (1) readiness and grace in physical activity; especially : skill and ease in using the hands. (2) : mental skill or quickness.

Reaction - (1) something done, felt, or thought in response to a situation or event, a chemical process in which substances act mutually on each.

Now, as you can see, by definition alone, we can see that Running has nothing to do with one's Dexterity, Reaction, or Agility, but does have much relation to Stamina and Athletics, which is governed under the trait of MIGHT.

Next let us dive into something different yet still related. Motor Skills.

Motor skills are movements and actions of the bone structures. Typically, they are categorized into two groups: gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills are involved in movement and coordination of the arms, legs, and other large body parts and movements. They involve actions such as running, crawling and swimming. (The MIGHT trait relates to Gross Motor Skills)

Fine motor skills are involved in smaller movements that occur in the wrists, hands, fingers, feet and toes. They involve smaller actions such as picking up objects between the thumb and finger, writing carefully, and even blinking. (The AGILITY trait relates to Fine Motor Skills)

These two motor skills work together to provide coordination.

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