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Using GMPC as fluent additional infos

alkwyzheir May '18  /  edited Jun '18
FYI, delete this.

GMPC (Game Master Player Characters), are commonly used for the Game Master / Dungeon Masters to involve themselves in the current party. Often because the GM wants a character that lasts longer than a one-time shot, it's used to prevent a separation between the GM and the players line of thinking; a similar yet stronger bond for both of them to acquire the same goals.

I'm not exactly a Tabletop Roleplaying professional or experienced one, but I thought to myself, "What if I need to pin an information that shouldn't be put in each player's character sheet?" That's where this idea came from.

The main idea is to put information that will affect the story to the session without having to keep it in the forums, a certain notes that both the GM and the players can look. This could be either a parties' affiliation, collective inventory, perhaps market price (which can be a little bit too far), and other info's like quest objectives and progress. I am only thinking of this because I have a terrible memory and I'd rather not stress the forum page too much (which will notify a lot of inactive following players.

Since the GM can have multiple NPC's put in at once, he can switch between different characters that contain different information for the player's to read, in which player's can simply call the GMPC out in order to change the characters.

Currently, this is some of the possible use I could think of for:

== Squire ==
This GMPC is used to keep track of a party's collective item, which avoids the players to put in said items in their own inventory due to their lack of usage. Although for roleplaying purposes, some items are assumed to exist in player's possessions, I'm suggesting this for the purpose of allowing the players to be more fluent in their roleplaying; Taking advantage of the items as a roleplay element:

"Hey uh, Tom.. did you took the Aligrass just now?"

"Huh? --he stopped chopping down logs-- what do you mean?"

"I'm saying, I could've sworn I had it kept in this bag."

"Are you sure Nimhala didn't took it? He clearly has it in his notes."

"How would I know he had that in his notes? I don't break the fourth wall, you jest. It's not like I know that you also have a rat poison in your possession too."

"W-what? How did you--"

"Hush you, you need to go to sleep."

"But I--"

baragon Jul '18
Unfortunately, you're always gonna get that one toolbag...

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