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Detailed Explanation On Forum Creation

first Oct '19
Greetings, this forum is to explain how to make Forums after the Forum Apocalypse, a plague that made us unable to create Forums the old way.

First, you must know that every forum as a number attached to it, it works as an age to determine which forum is older.
Ref Pic:

Now, first what you must do is to actually create a forum, the title matters, the text in it not so much, but it still needs to have text, I usually put a single letter and hit Submit Post.
Then, wait for the Gateway Error.

The second step. Open a forum at random, from a friend, an old one you had, doesn't matter.

Then up the said forum "age" until you hit your forum, which, will only have the title and an empty box.

As you see I uped the numbers from 12951 to 12953 where I reached my forum, then you just have to insert text in the box and submit again, it will save and appear as normal.

PRO TIP: if you reach a box that has no title above it means you uped to much, go down instead.
penguein Nov '19

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