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Update - Horses, Server-Side Saving, etc

frost Mar '20  /  edited Mar '20
Hello my minions,

I have just deployed an update to Fabletop with a few new things:

- Miniatures: horses, winged characters, senior citizens, more female characters
- Some miniatures (e.g. the dragon) have been scaled up.
- Character sheet: The close and edit buttons are now side tabs, to make editing quicker and take some clutter out of the sheet.
- The table page now scales up for high resolution screens, in order to fill more of the screen and make the miniatures, etc more legible. Please keep an eye out for any weird issues that might be caused by this.
- Battlemat Editor. Some minor improvements in how the tile editor works.
- Save/Load Scenes - your scene data is now saved on the server, instead of in your browser's local cache. You can access your old scenes using /listlocal and /loadlocal.
- Scrolling. The scrollbars on the character sheet and profile page now use the standard browser scrollbars (e.g. scroll wheel/trackpad should work).

If you run into any new bugs, please post in the Report a Bug forum.

vechmaster Mar '20
greenranger9 Mar '20
However... Can someone else check the site on mobile? I am having some problems with it there. (No tables at all will load, can't open the top right drop down.) I can submit a proper report with device and browser data, but I want to know if it is just me first.
alkwyzheir Mar '20
Glory to the king!
rlvvmc Mar '20
The resolution of the minis and of the battlemat look completely wrong to me. Probably an issue with the resolution scaling.
verysadgirl Mar '20
I'm having the same Issue as rlvvmc, everything looks so stretched now.
frost Mar '20  /  edited Mar '20
Hi rlvvmc and verysadgirl (and anyone else with this problem),

Can you please link me to a screenshot, and give me the OS and resolution for your computer?

Please use this link and tell me the resolution and pixel density numbers:

rlvvmc Mar '20  /  edited Mar '20
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Viewport: 1536 722
Pixel Density: 1.25
Screen size: 1536 864
pyrak Mar '20
By the way, before the update, I was actually zooming my window to 120% in fabletop and it was working just fine, I had no screen resolution issues. However now, in addition to the screen resolution problems, the tables are zooming in to just slightly slightly larger than the window, causing the scrollbar to kick in.

So yeah, the previous way the resolution worked like a dream and I was already scrolling it to my optimal preference size / resolution.

And thank you very much for the new minis (would have been nice if I could change the wing color to other colors, or if there was at least black wings available as well). Could male versions of the Valkyrie be made? I wanna be able to run around as a shirtless angel dude with a sword (instead of either armored or robed).
oman1666 Mar '20
You don't need literally every variation of a mini pyrak, pick something vaguely close, write a description and go on shirtless angel adventures.
frost Mar '20
OK, I have removed the sharp pixel rendering and adjusted the scaling logic a bit.

If anyone is still running into graphic issues, please let me know (with screenshot and resolution stats from link above).

talhajami Mar '20
Hot diggity, new update! Who'd have thunk it?
Thanks again, frost! Long live the Dice Gods!
sakis220 Mar '20
Yes, I'm so happy about the cars! No need to make any badly-made cars using battlemat tiles anymore!
Thanks Frost!
oman1666 Mar '20  /  edited Mar '20
two more very minor bugs;

/load last function is no longer working.

the riders on the horses look really blurry to me, almost as if they're meant to be slightly larger and haven't scaled right? (This might not be a bug and instead might just be the level of detail in the small drawing). The minis also look a bit blurred to me on existing minis this update has scaled up; most noticeably on bears and ogres.
frost Mar '20
Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?

Right now, scaling is a tricky thing, given the graphics are pixel art. A lot of it depends on your display. (Also, the riders aren't meant to be particularly detailed)
oman1666 Mar '20

Civilian mini for reference - outlines look sharp

Might be my imagination, it's quite subtle but the edges of the minis below look blurry to me?
frost Mar '20
Yes, the scaled up images will look a bit fuzzier, unfortunately. I will look into changing how they are rendered, but it won't be right away.

dodan Apr '20
so my post was worth it :)
thunderstar Apr '20
Great work frost! Glad to see the sight still getting updates! Thanks for the hard work!

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