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Banes & Boons for M/A/W characters?

alkwyzheir Jan '21
I created this post in order to make a discussion about all of your thoughts on what a realistic strengths and weaknesses for base traits of Might, Agility, and Wisdom, in regards to using them for combat.

Everyone has their own opinions, systems, and mechanics when dealing with Fabletop's 3 base trait system. For that, this post is intended to acquire data on a generic acceptable mindset of each trait's strength and weaknesses.

Here's mine:

Might: Usually used and involved in close-quarters melee combats. Most people use this trait for a defense roll of blocking.
Strengths: Strongest physical damage, reliable tank.
Weaknesses: Is often pictured as slow.

Agility: This has many mixed answers depending on the Game Master. Some take agility attacks openly, some skewed it, and some refuse to let people do physical melee attack using Agility. However, it is always used for ranged attack, be it the direct damage or its precision/accuracy. People also have different ways to handle defending using agility (dodge)
Strengths: Usually bladed attack, "feels" consistent.
Weaknesses: Could have lower resistance towards something or easier to affect with debuffs.

Wisdom: No idea. Wisdom is the wild card of Fabletop that has hundreds of different ways to go on about it.

What are your guys thoughts on each of Fabletop's base stats in regards of realism, advantages, and disadvantages?
oman1666 Jan '21
The core rules work best in my opinion.
Might is used for all melee attacks.
Agility is used for all ranged attacks.

When it comes to spell attacks the mage has two options; they can 'flavour' their ranged attack, using agility as a 'magic missile' or some other spell and roll agility for their ranged attack.

their other option is the 'alternate fighting style' core rule. (which is optional but I think most GMs should allow) under this rule a player pays 1 PP at the start of a session to use a different base stat for combat for the whole session. Wizards can use this to mage wisdom their ranged attack roll and similarly a very agile two dagger fighting rogue can use agility instead of might as their melee attack roll. When it comes to these attack styles, I personally use my own judgement on if I'll be allowing it, I think you have to weigh up cool flavour vs a min-maxer trying to exploit the rule.

In terms of defending; always allow any stat to be rolled, as long as the player can justify why it's relevant at the time. You might block with might, dodge with agility or the mage might use wisdom to reflectively teleport out the way of the attack.

I don't think it makes sense to ask what the 'weaknesses' of each stat is, so I have no comments there.

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