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Quest or Adventure prompts for everyone to use!

vechmaster Jun '21
Much like the title says, give some quest/adventure prompts that people can use to host oneshots or full campaigns. I'll give a few to start with:

- The party has been hired to find the world's most deadly poison, but it's already been used, so they have to track down and extract the blood of the man killed by the world's most deadly poison.

- A dragon living in a castle near to the city has secretly hired the party to help fake their death so they can leave. In order to make it seem as real as possible, they party doesn't know the actual plan and are in real danger in order to make it look convincing.

- The party is confronted by a group of worried Orcs, who ask them to find a teenage member of their group who has run off to "prove himself". The Orcs are very worried and want them safely found.
verysadgirl Jun '21
- A practitioner of demonology hires a party of adventurers to acquire certain reagents to construct a portal that can get quite a lot of demons through. Not to take over the world or anything mind you. Simply to party. Demons party best.
kingslypop Jul '21
- Battle of the bards : the yearly music festival In the city has began its main event, the bard battle, where bands of people compete to win the acclaim and recognition provided by winning. But when a mysterious lone musician begins to play, they begin bringing the festival under their spell, leaving just the party and a few other groups unaffected. Now they have to find a way to stop the musician and find out why they're doing this, without killing any of the controlled populace.
alkwyzheir Jul '21
- A group of philosophers that ended up being branded as a cultist tries to kill all cults out of spite.

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