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Input for an Upcoming Public Table

jackers228 Mar '22
Hey guys,
I am thinking about starting a public table soon, but I need to get some ideas for theming. I can do the rest of the worldbuilding/story stuff. It would be a Fabletop core-rules game (So it would be relatively efficient from a gameplay perspective) and it would be VERY sandbox in nature (quests and combat will be very much on the fly, but this is my favorite way to DM). Overall, I would like to see comments about the following:
* World Theming
* Genre (Mystery, Horror, Historical, etc.)
* Audience (Mature [no sex, violence against minors/women, nudity, or generally disgusting topics, but mild blood/gore, drug use, alcohol use, and violence are okay], Clean, "Middle")
* Length (Indefinite, Long, Medium, Short, "Quest-Length")
Feel free to comment suggestions for all 4 or just a few. Remember, only comment stuff that YOU would like to play!
literalrat Mar '22
I've always preferred mostly dark fantasy worlds with a sense of humor that stays within the mood. Like, Yea the world is bleak and everything is dark and miserable, but the characters are just people trying to get by so there's still an air of lightheartedness here and there as the party gets familiar with each other.

If you're making a public table I'd recommend doing like... Medieval, Sci-fi, or something basic that everyone'd like. Mystery/Horror/etc. can be put into individual sessions very easily, so don't worry about locking yourself into one genre.

I think a wide range of audience is fine. No one on FT is gonna blanch at violence, drugs, alcohol, or gore so don't worry about that.

I prefer long tables.
verysadgirl Mar '22
I've always liked some fun ole medieval fantasy shenanigans that inspires a sense of comradery as you explore a fantastical world with your adventuring fellows that may one day be close friends or hated rivals and I'm certainly not one to shy away from gorey and brutal killings in said genre. Swords and spears and the likes were created specifically to brutally murder your opponents afterall haha.
As for length I'd just say it should to be as long as it has to be, depending on the story you want to tell.
trotrigar May '22
Dark Medieval Fantasy is honestly the best pick if you are new to Fabletop. You can involve a certain amount of gore, and horror elements and create good narrative catharsis in every aspect. It is very easy to build horror and dark world.

For the length, I think you should try to go for a short adventure, and if you are uncomfortable with the system or the world, do modifications and even let players continue with their first character.

Try to stay away from sci-fi or modern, not too many people are interested in and your efforts of worldbuilding will be put to waste. It's better to make a sci-fi attempt once you have a set of players already interested in your campaigns.

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