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Now that I've been here for a while I wanna make this actually more informative in case someone reads it:

I'm a pretty experienced DnD DM, I've never actually played DnD as a player. I specialize in making weird worlds and homebrewing really indepth movesets and boss fights. I'm VERY lax as a DM; I will allow a lot of stuff that's fun even if its not specifically 'allowed.'

My current table that I'm working on is Beyond the Fifth Column (Name Pending lol), where you play as a Task Force of scientists, CIA type agents, or otherwise trying to limit the spread of information surrounding a crisis that no one knows too much about. Amongst trying to limit the spread of information, you are meant to figure out the Crisis and all of its dark secrets, and hopefully prevent the rot of the world as you know it.
Driezehn the Sharpshooter 10 xp GM:  greenranger9
Alastair the Sas Operative 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Zach the Guardian 0 xp GM:  getintheeva
Passant the Professional 0 xp GM:  baragon
Trey the Vermin Vanguard 0 xp GM:  first
Shrik the Vermin Magic'slinger 0 xp GM:  sirpear
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