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rxxlr Mar '22
Greetings Lurkers, Players, and Game Masters!
As all of you know, Fabletop is a great place to have some casual fun roleplaying, create unique worlds, homebrew your set of rules (not you Oman).
All in all, it feels and plays like a simplified version of the complex tabletop games most of us know.
All of you also know, however, that we're a small community.
Therefore, this Forum is an attempt to bring this small community closer together in a way that makes for more active and possibly long-lasting campaigns.

The idea is simple, below make a post simply informing the community of the following: What do you want from Fabletop? Will you be a Player, Game Master, maybe both. What genre do you like the most? Maybe sci-fi, maybe fantasy. What schedule fits you? Maybe weekends, maybe the end of the day of a particular timezone.

By using this Forum and the information within it, it should be easier to set up games that really attract people and directly contact people you know will be interested.

That is all, RX out!
rxxlr Mar '22
Role: Game Master & Player
Genre: Medieval & Modern Fantasy
Availability: Sundays, entire day
kingslypop Mar '22
𝗥𝗼𝗹 Player, occasional game master
𝗚𝗲𝗻 Medieval & Modern Fantasy, and sci-fi are what I lean to, but depending on if I have a fun idea I'm flexible to most genres.
𝗔𝘃𝗮 Sundays, Saturdays 16:45 (gmt-7)
zomb Apr '22
Rol: player, occsional failed attempt at game master
gen: fantasy, sci fi, and horror if it ever comes up
Ava: depending on the odd job i get usually free from wen to sat from 9:00 am to 6:00pm (gmt-7)
alkwyzheir Apr '22
Role: Game Master & Player
Genre: Medieval Fantasy and any type of Gun-genre
Availability: Every day at a specific hour.
trotrigar May '22
Role: Game Master
Genre: Medieval, Sci-fi, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Mech, Eldritch/Lovecraft, Tavern Management, Mental Health Therapy Session
Availability: Mostly Saturday, Friday, Sunday maybe.

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