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Create your Fabletop Fantasy Team

alkwyzheir Aug '22
So the last meme forum that we did was about a year ago, so I'd like to spice things a bit slightly.

Write up a few fabletop players and name them as a team what they are. The team count doesn't matter, anything above 2+.

I'll start.

Team Anarchy - Alkwyzheir, Lovecraftian, lord0fire
Team Lurker - Baragon, scoter1009, rxxlr
oman1666 Aug '22
Fabletop World Championship Teams

Team GB: Vechmaster, Edward, Redriot, Oman1666
Team Brazil: Thekrakenpup and Darthdracula
Team USA: The rest of the site?

Let me know if there's any more you can think of
wifi Aug '22
Team Wifi: wifi
Team Everyone Else: everyone else
Team Based: lovecraftian
verysadgirl Aug '22
Meepowolf's a brit too, oman.
But that matters preciously little because the following is the only team worth being a part of.

Team glorious austro-hungarian empire - verysadgirl, trotrigar
lovecraftian Aug '22
Team Pandemonium: Osiris212, Kilton23,

Team Reenter: Mysteryman21, Aloikun, Pimi.

Team Rip: Nella, Megapizza, Scoter1009, Lord0fire, Yeatboi101.
meepowolf Sep '22
Team femboy: Literalrat, metaphoricalrat
alkwyzheir Sep '22
--Fabletop World Championship Teams--

Team On-The-Other-Side-Of-The-World (Asian): Alkwyzheir.

Existence is pain when you play at 11 PM - 4 AM.

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