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Welcome, Everyone

frost May '15
As you've probably noticed, there are a lot of new faces around here since yesterday. Welcome to the site!

First, huge thanks to Billars for spreading the word on imgur and Reddit. For a site like this, word of mouth is key. It had been posted to social media sites in the past, but it never really clicked like it did yesterday.

I'm happy to say we've had over 1,000 new members join since yesterday. That takes us past 10,000 total members in the community!

I put a ton of work into the site hoping that a lot of people will want to play it, so I'm very grateful, and relieved, that there is so much interest right now.

Finally, if you are a long time member, please remember to welcome everyone. You might feel the temptation to be territorial as things change from what you are used to. It might be a little chaotic for a while, but things will be fine. Keep in mind that my other web community is still 10x bigger -- we have plenty of room to grow while keeping a high level of quality, especially if you are willing to help.

Please consider running tables that help teach new players the core rules. I have been running demos, but there are more people than I can handle on my own.

jehenna May '15
Hi there and thank you for your warm welcome.

I'm a total newbie to fabletop (and tabletop RPG in general). That said, I played a game hosted by nyvrem on monday which was a total blast! It was a really creative and fun experience and I was able to jump right in after quickly skimming the how to play guide. The people were friendly and open and it seemed that everyone involved had a good time.

I'm looking forward to play more games and getting the basics down. I hope I can join a demo game one of these days. I'm mostly lurking at the moment, observing a few games and seeing how it's played properly.

Have a good evening, people.
nephilim May '15
I had an excellent introduction to FableTop. I participated in a game, and then I ran a game. To a person, everyone I met was friendly, courteous, helpful, and had a great attitude. It made for a really easy introduction to the way the community works. It would have been very easy for me to feel intimidated, unwelcome to try playing the game on a table, but everyone was very welcoming, which made it easy to get started.

I also found the referee'ing tools very easy to get into. I still have some rough edges to polish off for my own adjudication style, but I was pretty impressed how easy it was to get started and how well-thought-out the rules system was. Reading it over, I suspected it was going to be too "fluffy", but I was able to run a pretty tense combat sequence with it, and while it obviously doesn't have the crunch of some more popular tabletop RPG's, it felt just about right for its online format. People seemed able to jump in and go, which was pretty amazing.

I'm planning on running another game soon, and I'm already looking forward to it. To the people who let me play with them these first few sessions, thanks for welcoming me.
ikky Jun '15
Im a newbye too.

I registered quite a long time ago but back then I were unable to find any game going on in my time schedule.

But yesterday I came back in, Riquez welcomed me and invited me to join his game, it was quick, accesible, and most important of all: It was Fun.

Im looking fordward to run my own game , quite excited with this!

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