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Im 36 years old and Iīve been playing traditional tabletop RPGīs since I was 9. I remember quite well the first book i ever asked my parents to give me as a birthday present was the good old StarWars RPG sourcebook, wich i still keep it today (quite bruised but it has had a tough life XD )

After playing almost each and every tabletop RPG i could i moved unto WoD, LARPīs, Minds eye theatre, and so on, playing both as GM and Player. As a narrator Iīve run weekend games up to 100 players (of course assisted by more Game Masters)

My games tend to be a bit on the comical side, and I like that villains have their very own motivations and hardly ever see themselves as bad guys.

Normally I will be able to play either Fridays or Sundays, from 19:00 (spanish hour)
Frozo the Ice Mage 6 xp GM:  riquez
Gabriel the Doctor 4 xp GM:  demonslayer
Magocho the Mago 0 xp GM:  ikky
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