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Wisdom for new GM's

ladysarin Aug '16
The three p's of enjoyment as a GM in Fable Top.

Positivity, Possibility, Patience.

It's a game, so have fun. Keep positive even when something goes out of control. Spontaneity is the spice of life, so don't let things get under your skin. Again. It's a game.
In any adventure you want to create, the possibilities are endless, from brainstorming, to conceptualizing, to planning, and bringing to life all the way until finish.. your imagination is teeming with ideas, so keep it wide open and pick the elements you want incorporated.
Patience.. being a GM can take up many hours of your day, and with players coming and going, disconnecting and reconnecting, having varied typing speeds and post style, be it short and simple or long and detailed. Give consideration to your players and they will do the same for you.
Enjoy the telling of your adventure, and your players will enjoy the journey, but remember, Real Life comes first. Always.
ladysarin Aug '16
With most games, it has to start to pick up steam. No one wants to go to a table where a game MIGHT be hosted, only to find out after putting in the work to cc, that it isn't going to be used after. Either you are going to host a game, or you aren't. Commit to it, and follow through, or don't get hopes up. Like Yoda said. Do, or do not. There is no try.
ladysarin Aug '16
Don't be discouraged if you do not get many people your first time posting your table. It takes time to drum up a player base, but it will come if you keep trying. Get advice from a variety of other gms, even if you don't play their game. Everyone has a different style for hosting, just as every player has a choice to play or not. If they don't want to play your game that day, or time, it's their loss. You never know. They may drop in another day or time. Stiffen up that upper lip, and stay in the fight. You aren't out yet.
ladysarin Aug '16
A simple(ish) format that I personally use for both writing stories and creating characters is based around the 6 spread of inquiry questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How..

Who.. who are are (the races) in the world, or who are you (the race) in the world?

What.. what is the theme of the plot (genre), or what is your purpose (role)?

When.. what is the year (era) of the plot, or background (history) of your character?

Where.. Where does the story take place (location, world), or where did you come from (place of origin in the world)?

Why.. why are the adventurers questing (overall goal), or why are you (the character) joining the adventure?

How.. how will the adventurers progress to reach their goal, or how will you as a player achieve your goal/purpose in the overall plot..

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