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What are stats? What do each cover?

ladysarin Aug '16  /  edited Sep '16
Melee combat, strength, stamina, athletics

Melee combat.. Swing, punch, kick
Strength.. Pull, Push, Grab, Hold, Lift
Stamina.. Struggle, Resist, Block, Endure.
Athletics.. Jump, Climb, Tumble, Swim.

Ranged combat, dexterity, reaction, stealth

Ranged combat.. Shooting, Throwing
Dexterity.. Lock pick, Steal, Disarm traps
Reaction.. Dodge, Evade, Duck
Stealth.. Hide, Sneak

Senses, knowledge, will, communication

Senses.. Sight, smell, hear, taste, feel.
Knowledge.. insight, perception, learning, teaching, understanding..
Will.. determination, resolve, clarity, focus..
Communication.. conversation, discussion, clarification, diplomacy..

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