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Guardians of Fabletop, Help!

crisisking22 May '17
Spammer Report Username: Lilylicke
Last spotted on crisisking22's table, status on said table: banned.
She just made a char and began spamming, first on drenian's table, next mine, then the glade! We need help Guardians, you're our only hope!
oman1666 May '17
Hi Crisisking, could you please send me a link, here or through messages, to a snippet showing the spam?

Thank You :)
crisisking22 May '17
i could'nt get a chat log from my table.
vechmaster May '17
I dealt with them last night, sorry for the trouble they gave you
oman1666 May '17
Thanks Vech - with this issue dealt with I'm locking the thread.

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