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Ok there is no interesting thing about me so im just gonna tell you the basic about me (welp)

English is not my main language so maybe you will find some wrong grammar and misspelled word or something like that ( i use google translate ;_; )
But that doesnt mean im just gonna slack away and type everything that will make you confused. I try my best to keep my word at least comfortable in your eyes.
What else... hmmm... oh!
I also like playing games and watching anime.

(9*_*)9 vs Q(*_*Q)
Bardolph the Druid 100 xp GM:  exoticisme
Theramore the Dwarf Knight 50 xp GM:  exoticisme
Ymir the Rune Golem 8 xp GM:  nightcraw240
Welkins the Priest 5 xp GM:  buizelking
Welkins the Mechanic 0 xp GM:  oman1666
Chronos the Time Lord 0 xp GM:  exoticisme
Welkins the Captain 0 xp GM:  exoticisme
Eric the Cult of Nar'sie 0 xp GM:  buizelking
Feranath the Archer 0 xp GM:  dyinomice
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