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Player Experience Points (PXP)

You automatically gain PXP by playing in Fabletop sessions.

You earn more by being the GM, and playing in larger groups.

It is updated up to an hour after each session.

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100 Wanderer
1000 Adventurer
5000 Hero
10000 Avatar
20000 Legend
30000 Immortal
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Joined 06.26.2020
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A mysterious stranger with many secrets...
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Geblin the Goblin 100 xp GM:  greyline
Daniel the Druid 25 xp GM:  greyline
Juan the Brave Mexican 4 xp GM:  greyline
Tjp the High on Drugs 4 xp GM:  greyline
Bautista the War Raider 0 xp GM:  greyline
Slavik the Communist 0 xp GM:  greyline
Dmitry the Detective 0 xp GM:  astrangeman
Tyrome the Detective 0 xp GM:  astrangeman
JonMoxley the Lunatic Monk 0 xp GM:  greyline
Dsa the Ds 0 xp GM:  gson
Bob the The Builder 0 xp GM:  astrangeman
Dzingi the One Punch Man 0 xp GM:  astrangeman
Max the Canibal 0 xp GM:  astrangeman
Jackatlas the High Flyer 0 xp GM:  justin1
Geblin the Goblin 0 xp GM:  justin1
Shinsuke the King of Strong Style 0 xp GM:  greyline
Bob the Builder 0 xp GM:  greyline
Geblinsson the Great 0 xp GM:  greyline
Beta Tester
Wanderer - 100 pxp