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PXP / Rank 1063  ·  Adventurer ?
Location Croatia
Special Ability Noob
Player Experience Points (PXP)

You automatically gain PXP by playing in Fabletop sessions.

You earn more by being the GM, and playing in larger groups.

It is updated up to an hour after each session.

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100 Wanderer
1000 Adventurer
5000 Hero
10000 Avatar
20000 Legend
30000 Immortal
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Characters  16
Treasures  5
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Membership Advanced
Joined 04.17.2017
Last Visit 04.25.2018
XP Recv'd 71
XP Given 0
Unpredictable and lovable rouge
Fen'Harel the Ranger 16 xp GM:  mrmoevie
Solas the Gunslinger 10 xp GM:  sdownes96
Kurama the Warlock 9 xp GM:  whoptop
Cavendish the Ladiesman 9 xp GM:  quentin
Ragnar the Beggar 7 xp GM:  oman1666
Mjolnir the Warrior 6 xp GM:  shakiraship
Legolas the Ranger 5 xp GM:  00garden
Imshale the Pride Demon 5 xp GM:  etanator
Hissrad the Dragonslayer 4 xp GM:  wolfean
Jak the Smuggler 0 xp GM:  insomniakid
Despo the Guardian 0 xp GM:  teamwsmf
Sno the Warrior 0 xp GM:  teamwsmf
Dirthamen the Arcaine Warrior 0 xp GM:  chemgas650
Elgar'nan the Elemental Fist 0 xp GM:  drenian
Tolstoj the Commando 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Kenpachi the The Cocky Theif 0 xp GM:  chrisred123
Beta Tester
Wanderer - 100 pxp
Adventurer - 1,000 pxp
Following 10 GMs
Played with 5 GMs