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A lover of creativity and playing it smart rather than rushing in. I have about 6 years of Gming on my belt with a grand variety of rulesystems and settings. (sometimes even without rule systems).
I'm available pretty much every weekend and late 19:00-24:00 GMT times.
I usually prefer creative players over those who specialize and read the rules to try to make the most powerful character. I think they dont understand that a gm can throw at them the one thing they didnt prepare for should they try to maximize their character with no regards for the roleplay. I'd like to think I helped a lot of min-maxers become players who enjoy the story over the roleplay.
Sky the Monk Sorcerer 25 xp GM:  skydreamer
Alexander the Monk Sorcerer 5 xp GM:  sourcreem13
Tst the Test 0 xp GM:  skydreamer
Vincent the Dramatic 0 xp GM:  valarian
Alexander the Monk Sorcerer 0 xp GM:  kfudge2320
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