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How would you make your table more engaging?

alkwyzheir 12 days ago
The title says it all. It could be storytelling, gimmicks, mechanics, simplicity or complications that intrigue your players interest.

For me, it's important to make a Fabletop simple and not too complicated. The point of having a dice system with only 3 base stats is to not overcomplicate things. If there's such a thing as "15 stats that's separate", people would get a headache trying to remember all this gimmicks and focus less on their character building or acting. All this would ultimately lead to them believing they're playing an offline RPG game. I would not recommend this, as playing an actual game is much quicker than an 8 hour session that lasts twenty minutes in-game.

In order to pick Fabletop over RPG, it has to have something engaging that balances out the long sessions they take.

What about you guys? How would you make your table more engaging? It's a good topic for new GM to reference from.

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