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Guide to Character creation for New Players!

ladysarin Mar '17  /  edited Mar '17
So you want to cc? Here's your easy and quick guide to getting set up. Be sure you are confident in your choices, as switching your stats around mid fight will not be permitted. First things first.. Setting it up. Start a new character. It doesn't matter about selecting traits, as that will be defined below.

First Name: What is your character called?
Role: What is their Profession or Race/Species?
One-Liner: What is their catchphrase (if any)?


Next, go to your character sheet. Go down to Edit Character.

Here you can change your role and one liner, but we aren't focusing on that. If you feel like changing those, you can do it later. Right now we are getting the rest situated.

First, your life and power points. Your starting life and power balance should not exceed 8 points. As you gain experience, you will get opportunities to increase these values, and that will be explained in definition later with the leveling chart. For now, stick to 8, and divide them as you see fit.

Next is your base traits. Might, Agility, Wisdom. Might is the favored trait for melee fighters. Agility is favored by ranged fighters and rogues/assassins. Wisdom is favored by magic users. They should not exceed a total of seven points and can be distributed as you see fit, only as long as you have not accumulated xp. For further understanding of what each trait governs, look here -->

Common balance variations seen in medieval fantasy rps can vary based on desire and build, but should not exceed 7 points starting out. Notable variations for each type are listed below, so figure out your strengths and plan accordingly.

With a balanced melee build, you will see a spread of 3/2/2. For a pure melee build, you will see a min-Max spread of 4/2/1 or 4/1/2.

With a balanced range build, you will see a spread of 2/3/2. For a pure range build, you will see a min-Max spread of 1/4/2 or 2/4/1.

With a balanced magic build, you will see a spread of 2/2/3. For a pure magic build, you will see a min-Max spread of 1/2/4 or 2/1/4.


Bonus Traits. Some tables allow custom player made traits, but most require use of core traits. In the case of this guide, we will focus on core traits of the genre known as Medieval Fantasy, or Medfan.

ALL CHARACTERS start with TWO bonus traits. These two are standard, system generated traits, also known as your MAIN trait and your SECONDARY trait.

>>Main Traits (Pick ONE of these):

Warrior: 1 - Trained in combat
Rogue: 1 - Stealth, perception, mobility, locks/traps
Mage: 1 - Cast magic spells

>>Secondary Trait (Pick ONE of these):

Acrobatics: 1 - Balance, jumping, tumbling
Holy: 1 - Enemy of evil, religious vow
Nature: 1 - Tracking, forest survival, wildlife
Influence: 1 - Persuasion, etiquette
Mystic: 1 - Sixth sense, resist magic
Performance: 1 - Music, storytelling, entertaining
Dwarf: 1 - Underground lore, extra stamina
Elf: 1 - Keen senses, resist magic
Halfling: 1 - Stealth, resist magic
Gnome: 1 - Devices, resist magic

*Note: If you didn't choose Dwarf, Elf, or Gnome (defined racial traits) as a third trait, you are presumably human.

Congratulations! You're halfway set up to play! Next step is to set up your description and notes sections on your character sheets. Some tables have their own desired templates, often preset with your starting in game currency and potions included. If such is the case, I suggest copy and pasting those templates into their respective spots and filling in the blanks as needed. If they have none, feel free to use the one located here:

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