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Anyone has a good leveling system?

spidermod 11 days ago
I am planning on doing a table where the characters may eventually hit Fabletop's cap (base traits sum up to ten and 20hp/10pp) and i would like to know if someone already made a good xp system that fulfills this.
hustle 11 days ago
I've toyed with builds that eventually reach close to the max by doing small buffs and level increments each 5XP or so, but I restricted some in one area or another to make all classes have pros and cons.

Of course, that was on the notion that characters would progress along limited skill trees.
spidermod 9 days ago
Seems interesting, thanks for the reply!
Yours more class specific tho, I am searching for something more global and consistent, like, everyone gets something at 10 xp, no matter the class
thunderstar 7 days ago
I'd recommend Pyrak's Awesome Leveling System That Works!

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