Epic Tales on a Tiny Tabletop BETA

Quick Start Guide


Fabletop  contains a built-in ruleset that is designed for playing online.

The system is simple enough to learn quickly, can be used in many different genres, and provides a lot of freedom for creative story-based roleplaying.


Base Traits. Characters have 3 Base Traits that represent your general abilities:  Might, Agility, Wisdom.

Bonus Traits. Bonus Traits are unique to each character, and represent professional abilities or other skillsets.

Examples: Rogue, Nature, Politician, Dwarf, Cyborg, Comedian

Argus, Woodland Scout

Base Traits
Might 2melee, strength, athletics
Agility 3ranged, reaction, stealth
Wisdom 2senses, knowledge, communication

Bonus Traits
Rogue +1stealth, mobility, rope, locks/traps
Nature +1tracking, forest survival, wildlife


To do something risky or uncertain, roll a number of dice equal to your most relevant Base Trait, plus any Bonus Traits that apply.

/roll  Agility 3 + Rogue 1    e.g. pick a lock, 4 dice
Stars. There is a 1-in-3 chance that a
Star (a.k.a. success) will come up on each die.

You only need 1 Star to succeed at most tasks. The more stars you roll, the better the result.
Argus:-- sneaks by the sleeping guard --
Argus:Agility + Rogue →

Guard:-- snorts, then continues sleeping quietly --


Combat is fast and simple, allowing for more creative actions and less time waiting between turns.

Attacks. All basic attacks do 1 damage per Star.

Weapons and armor mainly serve as "props", and don't have any extra effect. However, special weapons can be treated as Bonus Traits.

Argus:-- aims steadily... then fires an arrow at the ogre --
Argus:Agility →

Ogre:-- roars painfully in anger --
Ogre:Tag → 2 Damage

Death & Defeat. When a character or enemy reaches 0 Life, they are Defeated. For enemies, this usually means death.

Because Fabletop is about storytelling, not hard-core tactics, player characters do not die when defeated. Instead, they suffer a major setback such as being knocked out or captured.

Power Points

Power points combine the idea of Hero points and Mana systems found in other RPGs.

You can spend them to improvise powers, stunts, or spells based on your traits. They also add one Star to the roll.
Argus:-- holds out hand -- Tiny bird, what happened here?
Argus:Wisdom + Nature + Power →

GM:The sparrow flutters down onto your hand.
GM:You see a brief vision...

Choose your path...

That's it! You know enough to get started right now, if you like. Otherwise, continue reading!