Online Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Chat Commands


Emote -- slowly draws dagger from cloak
Emote w/ Chat Well met, friend!   -- Smiles --
Whisper ( hmm, we'll see about that )
Think Bubble oo Where the heck are we?

Die Rolls

Basic roll /roll Wisdom 3
/roll Agility 3 + Rogue 1
Add Power Point /roll Might 2 + Power 1

Shortcut Keys

Up Arrow Fix typo
Tab Auto-Complete Name
Ctrl-Space Chat Mode
Ctrl-? Character Sheet


Private Message
/msg username  Pssst, hey...
Get a beverage /fridge mtn|potion|orc|dwarf
Have a snack /snack chips|cheez|popcorn|pretzels

GM Commands

Give/take a character stat
/give Falkar -2 life
/give Falkar +50% life
/give party +3 xp
Set the Scene banner /scene Tower - Main Chamber
Change chat alias /as Merchant

GM Commands - Music

Play music (YouTube) /music  youtube link
Stop music /music
Things to look out for:
  • Music will not automatically start for players entering the table page after the track has begun.
  • There may be some buffering jitters for players with slower connections.
  • If the music doesn't start at all, check to see if the video was removed, or has embedding disabled.
  • Etiquette:
  • This command can be quite disruptive if not used with care.
  • GMs: Try not to annoy your players with intrusive or jokey-joke music.
  • Players: Refrain from interrupting the game with music recommendations/requests. It's best to wait until before or after the session.
  • GM Commands - Scenes

    Save Scene /save  forest1
    Load scene /load  boss-cavern
    Delete scene /delete  swamp
    List saved scenes /list
  • Currently, scenes are only saved locally in your browser.
  • Scenes saved in one browser cannot be re-loaded in another browser.
  • GM Commands - Admin

    Clear all messages from chat window /clearchat
    Reset miniature templates /resetminis
    Ban Players
    /ban playername
    /unban playername