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I've been playing tabletop games for about 10 years. I began with Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition Revised, Moved to Pathfinder and then expanded into Dragon Star, FATE, Dresden, 7th Sea, Fantasy Craft, Traveler, Everyone is John, and a couple others I cannot recall right this second.

Since quit early on I have been a GM because no one else wanted to. I have learned to like it but I do get tired of it like everyone else. My style tends to roll toward dark and compelling, but I also like dark humor. I'm prone to think of what makes for a good story because I like making the mundane feel powerful. When the odds of success are low, a success feels potent.

Ex. Knowing it would most likely kill my cleric, I chose to engage a Gelatinous Cube in melee in a D&D 5e game because the character was trapped in a philosophical corner and pep talked himself into a battle prayer and malediction as he charged forward. Very heroic. Very stupid. Results? 2nd and 3rd Degree burns. Phobia of gelatin. Crisis of faith. Saved by a warlock.

That being said, I am also extremely silly and love campy things.
If the game is not story centered I am significantly more light hearted.

At the current moment, my availability is quite open but that will most likely change. Do inquire of me about it.
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