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Hey! I'm Fenris the Firecat. I'm extremely new to Table Top so please be patient with me. My first time DM'ing was actually also my first time playing, so I was fortunate to have met the awesome and understanding players that I did. That said, I will always strive to provide a fun and involving experience for my warband.

Furthermore, I'm bit of a furfag, and I do art. If you would like art of your character I could whip up a reference sheet (fullbody pose + info box) for 5 USD. Paypal or PSN are good for payment. I can link you to my gallery if you're curious. Self-plug aside, good to be here.

My DM style involves a lot of silly additions and an encouragement of crazy activity by players. My play style involves observation first and action second, meaning I like to stay 'on path' and do what the group is doing, even if it means putting nonsense over the main quest.

The only campaign I currently run is set in [a land I created called] Iskrarul, a continent in a perpetual state of distress that is always looking for conquerors and heroes. My Table Info will be updated after every session, so players know where they start or where they pick back up. Any further questions should be directed via PM.

Other than that I'm kinda new to this whole tabletop thing. I'd love to play with some other newbies, so hit me up if you'd like to start a game! Cheers, fellas!
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