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Hello there! I haven't frequented Fabletop lately, but I presume things have remained the same. I used to run small medfan improv sessions and a longer session in the superhero genre, that lasted for about 10 full sessions. At the moment I am not running any tabletop, and am just browsing around.

Other than that, I presume if you want to play, hit me up on the glade if I'm on or message me, or pass by my table. If you bring peace offerings [fries] we are gonna be BFF's basically.

So...that's about it.
Hail Hydra.
Umar the Warrior Bard 10 xp GM:  michalmacies
Mason the Detective 10 xp GM:  skalmold666
Dagon the Noble 0 xp GM:  rothic
Ivar the Berserker 0 xp GM:  welsmonk
Metazim the Knight Enchanter 0 xp GM:  mythicchild
Hasslich the Archer 0 xp GM:  johntwig
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