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Play Style: I like an old-school role-play D&D play-style. I want to start small as a GM with small, custom made maps and work my way up to designing and GM-ing intense dungeon-crawler type campaigns for a group of 6-8 regular players.

The campaign I've started now consists of only 3 players (including myself). I'm going to create severely premeditated maps and storylines before I start freestyling. My goal is to create almost seamless gameplay with a focus on facilitating map and NPC interactivity.

I want to promote and facilitate the idea that someone can be anyone and do anything in a true RPG, where the NPC's and enemies respond individually to the players and their specific actions, where there isn't a path that players have to take in order to succeed.

I'll be on for AT LEAST an hour every day starting around 7:00 (UTC-06:00). I currently have no job, am 25 years old and living with my parents. I'm gonna be applying for jobs starting this next week, so my hours might change. I speak German as a second language.
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