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What someone's FT username says about them?

alkwyzheir May '20
Premise simple. If you are interested in sharing what your impression on a player's username, go ahead and let it out. You can tell one or more impressions from any players. I'll start.
(What I'm saying is, what you think players are when you saw their name for the first time.)

Oman1666 - Some kind of a master at Sahara Desert.
Honigdachs - Sweden guy.
biggiOS - Big Fish Games.
Bluephoenix - Some asian dude.
oman1666 May '20
Oman1666 - that I am an edgelord
Alkwyzheir - a German alchemist.
verysadgirl May '20
deusvult - Glorious Crusader memes
alkwyzheir May '20
Vechmaster - Sci-fi-esque Master Chief x Commander Shepherd.
Mylittlepony - A guy wearing a MLP shirt everyday.
Verysadgirl - Sarcastic Brooklyn girl.
Deathwatcher - That sniper guy in XCOM 2.
trotrigar May '20
Alkwyzheir - plays a lot of pokemon on nintendo
oman1666 - "oman" was taken. Probably used Nemo1999 as a kid.
Verysadgirl - very sad girl
Trotrigar - typical hungarian
Vechmaster - Must be an engineer or a programmer
Kingslypop - Must be drawing cartoons, must be coming from a medieval noble family.
bustamark May '20
Bustamark - Lazy boi with a wild imagination.
Slackernuke - The Russian dude who slacked on his duty to send a message to Russian High Command, causing them to nearly shoot nukes at the USA because they thought some things sent by scientists to look at the pretty northern lights were nukes (their technology marked the things as nukes).
Nella - Someone who used their relative's name for this site.
Defparagon - Polygon-loving gamer.
Xenotheoddst - Kewl dude.
Zomb - Apocalypse enthusiast.
Oman1666 - Middle East Chad Arab.
Vechmaster - The mandatory hip admin/mod.
scoter1009 - Resident troll.
Verysadgirl - Someone who just needs a person to listen to them, and offer some advice if asked.
Mylittlepony - Resident Brony.
Honigdachs - Random dude.
Alkwyzheir - Someone who gives people word-induced seizures for a living.
Deusvult - Professional Christian Memer.
Deathwatcher - Resident Emo.
Trotrigar - The dude who sits in the background, making rude gestures to anyone that looks at him.
Kingslypop - Harry Potter Fan who likes pop music.
First - Ultimate Memer.
Redriot - Communist revolutionary.
Hustle - American Football enthusiast who might be a professional swindler.
rutniuf May '20  /  edited Jul '22
thekrakenpup May '20  /  edited May '20
Mylittlepony - B r o n y?
Deusvult - God wills it!
Trotrigar - A cyborg.
Redriot - A red rioter.
Edward: ...Sparkly vampire.
Deathwatcher - Edgy down to the core!
Honigdachs - I dunno.
Vechmaster - O mighty Dark Lady of FT
Verysadgirl - I thought she was an edgy teen trying to pose as "so very sad owo :3 (pls help im depressed)" but she's just a chain-smokin', depressed austrian girl.
Oman1666 - Oh-man! 666
Bork512: Sounds like an experimental musician's name.
Zomb - TWD fan
Bustamark: Bismarck's son
alkwyzheir May '20
(Can I just say that putting Mylittlepony as brony-related is a freebie? It's quite cheap xD)
bustamark May '20
(That's why we do it lol. Plus that's honestly what I thought when I first saw that name)
mylittlepony May '20
it was once correct, however it no longer is
i don't really remember my first impressions on other people's names
tourneyguy Jun '20
I recognize pretty much everyone else in the above posts and I thought the same too.

3hlt - Hit me
antiman - Ant-man
baragon - Some pokemon
caja - Cage
chemgas650 - Someone filled with chemicals and gas
drenian - Drain me
funnio987 - Not actually funny
nyzrfyrn - Nasty fern
seanisaswom - Sean is a worm
krafter24 - Kraft cheese
zomb - Zombie
alkwyzheir Jun '20
punkblade - A dude with green hair.
chemgas650 - Chemtrails
caja - A Colosseum dude
trotigar - Tiger
Ladysarin - Noble
thepoofy - Pinkie pie with curly hair
Darkri345 - Pepe REE
Caviar - Caviar.
Zomb - Zombie
deusvult Jun '20
Frost - Mortal kombat dude
Kraken - The scene with liam neason as zesus releasing the kraken
Bustamark - The rapper known as Busta rhymes
yummypancake - sentient pancake thats probably delicious
fremkun - Anime lady
826ian - The 862 version of ian
darthdracular - Dracular with a lightsaber
nella - normal person
trotigar - king from teken
humon Jun '20
Oman1666 - Oh no
Honigdachs - Rawr
Fortysecond - Appreciator of fine culture
antiman - not someone
Bostondragon - nah, I ain't believing that you could see something like that. I mean, it is a giant city!
radioactive - how was your trip to Chernobyl?
chihayakohai - waifu material
ladysarin - where was the quality wine again?
ayes - yes.
jediofreams - sometimes even the smallest doubt can shake the greatest belief
marissa93 - girl?
charisma2 - I'm convinced
nathandepauw - cool guy
gunzzi - pew pew
austintm - now with double austin!
arminius - he's always at hand
mangojim - friendly kid who likes fruits
supersam317 - superman 2.0

For those who aren't on the list, sorry! I can only type so much in one go
verysadgirl Jun '22
meepowolf - lmao accidental owo
meepowolf Sep '22
Verysadgirl - A cretin.

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