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Location Tiavona's Tavern
Special Ability Meteor Storm
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Welcome to Tiavonaís Tavern, a Medieval Fantasy style board. The main hub for this world is a tavern run by, you guessed it, Tiavona. This hub is used for introducing new characters, and waiting for players to join the table. I like to rp with the table as my Archmage Elymagin. My table has a few simple rules.

1. Overpowered or Godlike characters are not allowed.
2. Use your own CC style, unless you donít have one. Then base it loosely off of mine.
3. Characters must be Medieval Fantasy style.
4. Other than that, pretty much anything goes, unless it is something specified below.

Character Creation:
1. Start with 2 skills. You choose if they are passive or active.
2. Start with 3 spells. You can choose the spells.
3. Max of 10 slots in inventory.
4. Max of 3 items equipped.

This table follows FableTop leveling now.
1. Every 10 experience you gain 1 HP or PP
2. Every 20 experience you can learn a new skill, or spell.

Items and Gold:
Items may be given to players. Some items may just be fluff items, but sometimes they will have effects or be necessary to continue.
Usually players will have enough gold to buy anything, unless the GM specifies otherwise. This may happen to add to the plot, or to just be able to buy a needed item. In this case players will be asked to go questing. They will need to battle enemies and search chests until they have enough gold to continue. Players may collect items to sell to Tiavona as well. She will buy the following items for the listed gold:
1. Goblin Ears-5 gold/ear
2. Spiderís Body-10 gold/body
3. Items found while questing-Depends on the itemís worth

Thank you for RP'ing with me, and happy questing.
Elymagin the Archmage 45 xp GM:  elymas
Sorn the Sellsword 4 xp GM:  elymas
Elymagin the Fire Mage 3 xp GM:  ripripla
Elymagin the Fire Mage 3 xp GM:  spidermod
Fayelle the Plant Whisperer 0 xp GM:  elymas
Perfide the Slingblade 0 xp GM:  rlvvmc
Xander the Builder 0 xp GM:  elymas
Belator the Gladiator 0 xp GM:  kingkobra
Umbrag the Shaded Rogue 0 xp GM:  rothic
Elymagin the Flaming Bull 0 xp GM:  andreil
Elymagin the Fire Mage 0 xp GM:  darkestdays
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