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Seems kinda dead here. Cool idea. Not even clear about the etiquette of joining a game. You have to play to get xp. You need xp to communicate, not even a simple introduction. If you don't know what's going on, and you can't commo... WT..?

If you happen to peruse, and think it might be a fit, ping me. Not much reason to lurk about, so I won't.

Otherwise, have a good'n.

Style: More narrative/writing.
Gaming experience: Too much, at least as of about 5y ago.
Availability: Pretty flexible. I don't want it to become a job (again), nor do I want a "why bother?" experience.

Not to sound sound overly negative but, filter first:

One of the strengths of an actual, v video, RPG is that it is somewhat self-regulating time wise.

One of the weaknesses is inconsistency, duration (typically too short or long) and flakeage.

In other words, it is often a privation of immersion. You either never collectively show and focus enough to do it, or just as you start to, it's all popping silks and smokes.

Looking for: Something that can be 'believable" without being gratuitous. Hitchcock had it right. Leave what you can to the imagination. Trying to be "hip", "cool", "controversial and provocative" or "trendsetting and original" almost guarantees you'll be special just like everybody else.

I'm pretty easy. "Believable" is preferable to "realistic" and it is funny how divergent the populaces' respective views on 'real' can be.

For me this is intended to be meaningful recreation / recharge and a think through / problem solving tool.

More story. "Ebon Prismatic Ring Sword of the Dragon Scroll Stone etc." Is fine if that's what you're into. Probably not your guy.

Running games: Characters and stories at least come through, if not from, us. We at least color them. In other words, we write from our own "props" or "properties". We write / play what we are / know. It can't be otherwise, for "You can't give what you don't have."

So likely, at best, only your guy as a player. The themes and subjects I tend to cover as a writer/"GM" are inevitably "uncomfortable" at best (no, I don't mean Freudian fixated fontporn), and explicitly verboten here.

The only things, here and elsewhere, we're not to discuss are ultimately all that matters. Strange.

Anyway, I'll throttle back on the somber now.

RPGs approximate stories.

Stories mean probelems.

Characters are "people", at least in the story.

People have problems. Funny how that works out.

Dostoyevski wrote, in brief. "Happy is boring. Unhappy is interesting." i.e. problems are interesting.

No story, no problem, which is a problem.

RPG characters, roughly, each represent a particular approach to solving the problem that the story represents.

That's enough.
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