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I am a huge tabletop fan. I have been gaming, both IRL and on FT for years now. I prefer to be a player, more so than a GM, but I have experience in Gming, and I do so every now and then. Again, both IRL and FT.

I am currently running a Living World game called Drelgia. Any and all are welcome to join, and leave your mark in this High Med/Fan world. Hop on my table anytime you want, even if Im not there, to make a character. Be sure to read the info tab and the forums labeled for Drelgia if you are interested.

I am also in the makings of a High Sci-Fi planet/space exploration game called Quantical. I have been so busy with Drelgia, so Quantical may be a while before I hop into that one.

Be sure to follow me so you know when the games will start, and frequently check the forums for updates and play times (if I ever get a schedule set up).
Test the Test 100 xp GM:  zesaelik
Zes the Android 10 xp GM:  kingjesus
Elrick the Knight 10 xp GM:  palegeon
Zes the Vagrant 8 xp GM:  beachburrito
Relius the Conjurer 8 xp GM:  woolyfsh2
Elrik the Banished Knight 6 xp GM:  traelynn
Reixul the Alchemist 4 xp GM:  thaxas
Zes the Engineer 3 xp GM:  hawk3y
Taicho the Samurai 3 xp GM:  woolyfsh2
Zes the Bartender 0 xp GM:  origamiwolf
Reixul the Abjuration Mage 0 xp GM:  fremkun
Zes the Hive 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Zes the Bailiff 0 xp GM:  tzuru
Railt the Rogue 0 xp GM:  pandajuice4
Zes the Mage 0 xp GM:  pandajuice4
Zes the Rifter 0 xp GM:  teamwsmf
Zes the Paladin 0 xp GM:  pimi
Zes the Necromancer 0 xp GM:  bostondragon
Zes the Pilot 0 xp GM:  febidoman
Zes the Mech Pilot 0 xp GM:  dyinomice
Geralt the Summoner 0 xp GM:  arkdude
Reix the White Mage 0 xp GM:  arkdude
Zes the Assassin 0 xp GM:  arkdude
Zes the Rifter 0 xp GM:  averious
Rudy the Pilot 0 xp GM:  araqiel
Derlis the Rogue 0 xp GM:  traelynn
Aerlin the Spacial Manipulator 0 xp GM:  endersquire
Elouic the White Mage 0 xp GM:  thaxas
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