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Fantasy Races

jelllo Jun '18
What fantasy race would the person above you be? ( feel free to make up new ones )
tourneyguy Jun '18
Slime monster
rxlr Jun '18
Washing Machinotron
oman1666 Jun '18
Royal Xenomorph (Large, Radioactive.)
rlvvmc Jun '18
Core Human
mylittlepony Jun '18
Either Fates kitsune or basic human.
(i like the trend that i've started)
fenriswolf91 Jun '18
Unicorn, for sure. If that is not a race, then... hmm... a centaur.
nyzrfyrn Jun '18
Some kind of Genie
yummypancake Jun '18
Some sort of Mr.Mxyzptlk-esque impling
gongrath Jul '18
Pancake Golem
fenriswolf91 Jul '18
Khajiit (Cat people from The Elder Scrolls world)
seanisaswom Jul '18
Werewolf minus the were.
jelllo Jul '18
Giant worm creature
supersam317 Jul '18
jello dragon
mylittlepony Jul '18
antiman Jul '18
I believe this one goes without saying.
vechmaster Jul '18
a person from the negative-realm
alkwyzheir Jul '18
Whatever the alien from XCOM is.
tourneyguy Jul '18
trotrigar Aug '18
Quarter dwarf quarter goblin quarter human quarter ogre
elexiiann Sep '18
I'd be a Changeling without a thought
supersam317 Sep '18
alkwyzheir Sep '18
Bird-taur. It's close to gryphon, but with more humanoid features.
fenriswolf91 Sep '18
Some kind of mighty and ancient blue dragon. Sounds like one to me.
zephyr94 Oct '18  /  edited Oct '18
I would be a minotaur (king of course) with a huge shiny golden battleaxe and I would have a nice maze, which will have LOT OF Traps like: shifting walls, pits, flame and arrow shooter spots, and illusion things (like fake vision treasures and if you enter a gate closes behind you and you will die MUHAHAHA).
rlvvmc Oct '18
reminder: It's what the person above you is, not who you are. --bashes zephyr and elex in the head--.

Also, wind elemental.(to the person above)
greyline Oct '18
A core human whit creativity
busofdoom Nov '18
A core human whit a big toe
ghostsystem Nov '18
An automaton construct
whoptop Dec '18
A pile of cytoplasm
keisha Dec '18
another pokemon ripoff
elderprince Dec '18
An Avian
otisjustotis Dec '18
Elder Vampire Prince
jarizard Jan '19
human named otis
johntom Jan '19
A big lizardman
rlvvmc Feb '19
A john.
minty Feb '19
A fairy.
caviar Feb '19
What are you talking about? I'm already the protagonist of my own world.
Being all fishy eggs.

OmNiScIeNt FiSh RoE.
rideon Feb '19
-- Pointing upwards -- Ye'd be a Centaur or a Minotaur (but mostly a Centaur... or fish eggs :).
jungle Feb '19
Headless Rider
gongrath Feb '19
rlvvmc Feb '19
elderprince Mar '19
Snail man
trotrigar Jun '19
Human Elder...Prince... if he dies the youngerprince takes his place.
kanto5 Jun '19
trotting tart cake
alkwyzheir Jun '19
Keanu Reeves. It's fantasy character because people can only dream to be him.
rutniuf Jul '19
Some messed up version of the mythical creature pegasus
alkwyzheir Jul '19
Root beer tree dryad
rlvvmc Jul '19
elk wizard. Not a typo.
thekrakenpup Jul '19

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