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Unorthodox Fabletop Ideas that (may) go Wrong

alkwyzheir Aug '20
This forum is generally for players to share their idea of what could be added on Fabletop as potential suggestion, for interest and entertainment, as well as discussing potential problems from it.

I'll start off with two ideas:

1) New Dice Colours: Although I would love to see white and yellow-goldish dice, that would blend too perfectly with a star and a moon, making it difficult to see. Though, it's possible to put the values of the star and the moon in negatives (meaning that a star is black and a moon is kind of black).

2) Chat color options: Gives options to change colours in chat. Judging by how Fabletop works as a site, it may be difficult or impossible to implement, but mostly causing lag. If it works, this can heavily benefit tables in such way as thus:
a. Reducing conversations pollution: Sometimes, there can be 2-4 different conversations happening all at once between player-GM and player-player relationship. Usually, people would try differentiate the chat by having normal dialogue and a whisper dialogue (like this). Without that, it's difficult to tell if the conversation is mixed in or separate, which brings us to this suggestion. This allows more room for potential player to player conversations without polluting the chat too much.
b. Alternatively, f a s h i o n

What about you guys? Any ideas you want to bring up? Or do you want to put an input to mine?
hustle Aug '20
For the most part, I've found FT suggestions to be non-essential, but if it were remotely possible, I'd cast my vote for chat color options as well. I haven't ever given that any thought myself, but the advantages once pointed out do seem great.

Love the concept.
tourneyguy Aug '20
Customizable minis: You can upload an image file and put anything you want on the board. I hope I don't have to explain how this can go all so wrong.
alkwyzheir Aug '20
> Customizable minis: You can upload an image file and put anything you want on the board

The odds of people abusing this for grotesque images can't be comprehended. If this were ever to be implemented, there would be a lot of bans and needs for moderators.

@hustle Although FT suggestions are not essential, it's still fun to discuss about. This is a forum, after all.
oman1666 Aug '20
I think it would be neat if GMs could tick a box that matches NPC dice colours to their mini colour (this would mean expanding the dice pallet to have all the colour options available for the mini), might make tracking sides in battle more clear.

Another GM tool I think would be neat is some sort of table lock, where I can both can completely disallow people to view my table (so I can scene build in secret) and separately be able to lock individual party slots - for example to limit a game to four players. I'd then also like to lock these slots for everyone expect a specific player - for set party games.

Agree in general with hustle, I don't 'need' anything, but these would be involved in my 'dream' Fabletop.
pyrak Aug '20
3d for all our air/space battle needs.

no limit on the number of NPC minis.

VR gear compatibility.

And of course a suit of AIs designed to be able to host games and play games without a hitch.
penguein Oct '20
customizable table/playing-field size

customizable player amount

customizable/different colour palletes for tables

AI players


spectating gladiatorial battles between AIs on a fully automated table
rutniuf Oct '20
Automated world-building

AI-generated world maps


Automated magic-spell generator

Ability to read a whole tabletop-inspired story made by AIs

Customizable 3d models
alkwyzheir Oct '20
Dice probability customizer (adjust how many % you get a star, moon, skull for each character)

A command to save specific NPC character model.

A "tipped" version of mini character, looking as if they fell or dead.
trotrigar Feb '21
fog of war on mat
alkwyzheir Feb '21
Water animation go brrr
andreatupac 15 days ago
What about adding a frame in the character sheet to load the PC's portrait?

Also, it would be nice if each GM could customise the Basic Traits' names at her/his table.
adway95 5 days ago
Custom dice would be nice
Like along with the routine ft dice, being able to roll d6 / d20 etc would be cool

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