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A Request about player slots

trotrigar Nov '17
Hey! Recently, i ran into an issue, which includes player slots.

Let me start with my reasons and explanation on this subject/request:

I started to host a game, which i call "Player flexible", which means, the players are having a house, a guild basicly, and they can live there, and currently online people will be able to do the current session. This is nothing new... But, the story turned out to have a pretty long, and detailed backstory, and the game revolves around character progression, rather than little fights, and i always have players who are forced to lurk my whole ~5-8 hours sessions over, waiting for an open slot. (which most of the time they can not get).

I ran into solutions for this, such as: Creating several groups, not allowing more players to CC anymore. But i find those solutions weak, and not really flexible. The two main reasons which makes me says that:

- I don't want to decline someone wishing to CC, because i love to play with most people on this website.
-Players want to play with each other
- GM has not enough time to host different groups
- GM doesn't really want to re-do the same story with several different groups.

I was reading the sentence several times here "fabletop was meant to be simple". Yet, in this question or request on expanding character slots, has nothing to do with being simple or not. A game can be simple, with more than six players. There is one thing i can understand: If a GM can NOT handle the situation of having several conversations.

My Request: Increase the maximum player number to 10.

My idea:

Basicly, there are people being unable to control even 4 players, so what would make them being able to control 6 or 10?
The answer for this is: People should customize how much slots they want to have on their tables or sessions.
That means, that the website should keep the basic 6, and then the GM can add slots one by one up to the maximum amount of 10.

Addig a new slot, wouldn't mess up the whole interface, since you can decrease the size of the other character bars, to have one or much more.

Also, i was always thinking, probably when Fabletop will have a premium feature, my highest fear is to decrease player amount without premium acccount.. and this change would be a great solution for that, like making this feature only available in premium in the future.

I was talking with most players about this issue, and experience roleplayers are saying, that the basic 6 is not that much.

Mostly i aim this forum pos to Frost, because i was talking to a lot of players here lately, and they are all agreeing on more playerslots.

Please leave your opinion about that under this topic, so people can see how much players would be interested in a player slot expanding.
antiman Nov '17
Thumbs up from me. Gives a sort of flexibility to low management tables, i.e. god games, RP heavy games, etc. Don't really see too much of a downside outside of the programming commitment.
fremkun Nov '17
i agree with this some tables have alot of reserved spots where people cant join due to only having 6 players
smokingkrill Nov '17
I agree with this because some tables are massive with lots of people who want to play but not enough spaces because 6 players.
krafter24 Nov '17
This I agree on. I was actually thinking of an idea that involves a "flipping" table. with lets say about 12 character slots.

Side A or Group A has the first six, while Group B has the second six,
my point being Fabletop. I think this creates the possibility if hosting two games, or just simply Gming for two parties at once.

That may be hard to understand. Anyways I agree in what Trotrigar had said.
3hlt Nov '17
There's always a special something when there are more people to play with, especially those you get along and play well with.
"The more the merrier" definitely fits what this is about.
And I agree.
If possible, let us start with small steps, slot by slot.
I do not understand much of site-making, mainly that it's difficult.
But I still ask along with others, because we want to one day see this happen. Take your time, but do remember, eh?
rxlr Nov '17
Arex approves
charisma2 Nov '17
The Charisma Clan backs you. It'd be nice and it would prevent further disputes, and allow for larger groups.
pyrak Nov '17
--Gets the "Pyrak's Stamp of Pyrak's Seal of Approval" and slams it down hard on the petition, then repeats the process after getting ink on the stamp.--

having ajustable table size from 4 to 10 or 12 would be really nice, 4 makes a nice small party for people who only want 4 while ten allows for some nice large scale PvP, also having more miniatures than just 15 would be nice since you can use them for so many things.
finesse Nov '17  /  edited Nov '19
We need to start step by step maybe 2 slots for the time being ya know
knbrisson Nov '17
I sufficiently agree with this. As an avid host, it saddens me when I'm able to fill player slots and yet disappoint other players who don't get a chance to play. Adjustable slots would be amazing, and have my seal of approval.
chrisred123 Nov '17
I fully agree to this! Having a table that allows a GM to increase player slots would have even more people enjoy a table!
caja Nov '17
I'm for this.
jediofrealms Nov '17
Hmm. Not a bad idea. I can't speak from the coding side of things because I don't know how coding works exactly.

Anyways as long as you can reduce the set bars to allow less people for smaller games. I would support this. Great idea trotty.
archerboy102 Nov '17
+1 Yes Please
mylittlepony Nov '17
I can't think of a new way to say yes to this that hasn't been done.
Yeah I don't have anything clever to say. I tried.
thunderstar Dec '17
=ThunderStar Approves this Message=
I completely agree with this.
Having the option to set your table from 4-10 would great!

As it has been previously stated, some GMs can get overwhelmed with a party of six, and others would be perfectly fine with a much larger party (and this isn't saying anything bad about the GMs that do get overwhelmed; it can happen to the best of us).
I feel like a larger party (6-12 people) is great for player-character to player-character role play interactions. If a GM is hosting a game that primarily focuses on player characters and their interactions and relationships with each other, the GM wouldn't have too much to manage and would most likely not be overwhelmed and be able to handle the high amount of people well.
Alternatively, I feel like smaller parties (4-6 player) is better for a more story focused game. I've found from my personal experience (as a GM and a player), that when a GM is wanting to host story heavy sessions, with a lot of PC to NPC/GMPC interactions, it's easy for the GM to become overwhelmed when several players are tying to do their own thing (or at the very least: similar things at the same). Thus, it would be good for a GM to be able to set their player slots to 4 players if they so desire.

In conclusion, this is a good idea and I see no problems with it being added to Fabletop.

solbor Dec '17
Wouldn't hosting over multiple tables be a solution as well?
I'm curious how common is it to have the same characters/story across multiple tables.
trotrigar Dec '17
Hosting multible tables are having its weakness.

While i seen a very good solution for Arena-type tables with several players sharing a system, having a genera Google Docs file making them be able to play on several hosts, tables like mine and other people wouldn't work well because:

- It has heavy lore and spell nerf restrictions
- Players need to talk to each other to progress
- Players are going to different story lines, making the story progress messy.

+- reason: - The story is basicly the mix of my book's story and warcraft story.
oman1666 Dec '17
Quick reminder from the mod team; It is against site rules to have more than one account to host more than one table at once, even if the intent is to have more players in the same story.
swordsx Jan '18
--slaps a gold star on trotrigar's face, then slaps on about 50 Billion more--
trotrigar Jan '18
-- is full of golden stars --
honigdachs Jan '18
-- --
Yes, adjustable slots. Flexibility can be greatly approved with this. Even if you have 6 slots, some people don't require that many. An example would be Oman1666's past Tale of Two adventure which required only 2 slots and the other four were left simply for CC and scheduling. Expanding and Decreasing slots would definitely also give GMs who believe they can take a bigger or a smaller strain from controlling the players to reach a comfortable peak in their efficiency/performance as indicated by Trotrigar.
thegobbler Feb '18
This gets the official "Gobs" seal of approval
donaldtrump Mar '18
I tried to run a 3 player game And people kept joining just before I could start. I don't like kicking people so customizing slots would be great
mavromino May '18
I agree as a lot of the time your really high-levelled and well developed players, who are prepared for the current zone, may not be able to play due to people joining so the tables instantly becomes harder. Also more people allows for the party to be more effective.
ddrage May '18
works for me cause i see the slot limits as a hindrance to gameplay and player loaylty.
caviar May '18
+ from the fish eggs;
It's really frustrating when your favorite table comes up, and you can't even join it!
edward May '18
Big agree - Turning up or down party size would be great, as would being able to choose the size of mats, for people with larger battle areas.
tourneyguy May '18
If Critical Role can have up to 8 players. Why not Fabletop?
Yes to this.
minty Jun '18
Yes, please!
justjoeo Jul '18
Definitely agree!
lokiodinson Aug '18
I would say it sounds good
zomb Aug '18
This both sound awesome and would make things extremely cool
darkwanderer Aug '18
Just, hell to the yes. Please, make this a thing. ASAP
dyinomice Sep '18
1+ Definitely needed.
thehunter123 Sep '18  /  edited Sep '18
I agree! I mean, it could enable some badass PVP fights, large-scale battles at all, and the possibility of fighting with a whole guild in medieva fantasy, plus, the diversity would enable some extra fun!
alkwyzheir Feb '19
jarizard Feb '19
I understand this fully sometimes you can't join because slots are taken or you can't play with your friend that just joined because it was full.
dramaticque Feb '19
YES Trotgar is absolutely correct, in all aspects.
elderprince Mar '19
kingjace27 Mar '19
This would give a lot more flexibility for hosting and just add to the general experience of hosting because there's such a large amount of people on this site who all get along and have something to add to a table.

This gets the King's seal of Approval
martijngames May '19
just, yes
justomega Jul '19
Amazing Idea! Loved it!
thekrakenpup Jul '19
You can count on me, i completely agree.
rutniuf Nov '19
As someone who gets easily overwhelmed, I completely agree with this idea.
I would like to host a 4-player game, but I don't like rejecting people because I know it's hard to find time to play a game or that there isn't any game when you have time.
verysadgirl Jun '20
please gibe more spots
i will pay for it in money and/or blood sacrifices
jervaj Jun '20
This would be very nice indeed. Because having more or less lots is something that could have been useful many times on my experience.

It would probably have to be accompanied on a mini limit increase though. Because with 10+ players the GM would be very restricted otherwise, due to the always present minis from the players, and because more players also means a lot of times more NPCs would be needed too.
trotrigar Oct '21
Hello darkness my old friend
alkwyzheir Nov '21
That's cringe mate.
trotrigar Dec '21
ikr man
wifi Dec '21
i approve, also this is my first forum post i think

yeah honestly i think having more slots would be great. I've seen many DnD parties which can have up to 10 or more people so I don't think its unreasonable to suggest tabletop GMs couldn't work with up to 10 people

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