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Just call me Elt if you're unsure how to say my name. I like nicknames though.

Nicknames I got so far: (And who made them first)
> 3 heet (Jedjed be the man!)
> Sugar (Heya Magnum jimmies!)
> Eltie (Noods!)
> Number Three (Slacks!)
> Three (Slacks with the second strike!)
> 3 AM (Slacks again! Strikeout!)
> Lil' 3 (by dear Cajón!)
> Hilt, 33ht or 3llow (lookin at you, Toonami thundabar!)
> Three-hitter-quitter (Neith one!)
> Evil (By Sky the Batty Orphan!)
> 3-chan (By Nacchi!)
> 3 health (By Trot the Harem King!)
> Triple (Neith, back at it!)
> Hilster (Oooceanman166, take me by the hand lead me to the land!)
> Helter Skelter (Me, 'cause I just thought of it.)
> F-freebie Threebie (I-I'm not for free, knobrisson!)
> Trielt (via the engine sound, Rlvvvv!)
> Trois (Merci, Chichi!)
> 3hility (by Darothy)
> Three Dee (by Eddie)

=== Play style ===
I usually go for making a character to complement an already existing group.
Otherwise, I just look at pictures until something "clicks".

On playing the character itself, I may fumble around at the start. But if I get engaged, I'll try my hardest to react and involve myself in the story.
The characters I make are usually kind people, through various means.
I am not that smart. Common sense may fly over my head at times.
I will take my time when deciding my action.

=== Experience ==
I have played my fair share of tabletop games, mostly DnD, though it's been years since my last session.
On the subject of online tabletop, Fabletop is my first and so far, only.

=== Availability ===
My timezone is UTC+8. Very likely different from ya'll. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if your night is my day and vice versa.

I'll be around for some chatting, some playing, maybe even table work probably everyday. Though I've been really low on energy and creative spark lately.
Extremely the Painful 100 xp GM:  neith
Test the Experiment 100 xp GM:  3hlt
Falicia the Popular Professor 98 xp GM:  trotrigar
Chel the Mercenary 69 xp GM:  jediofrealms
Koal the Sun in a Metal Suit 59 xp GM:  rxlr
Simona the Driller's Daughter 45 xp GM:  blacktop
Moira the Meek 37 xp GM:  oman1666
Tora the Crimson Hood 33 xp GM:  traelynn
Kanin the Fight Seeker 31 xp GM:  neith
Kindra the Fire Fairy 31 xp GM:  hammer
Leora the Silver Arm 29 xp GM:  darthdracula
Zaina the Bladesinger 27 xp GM:  hammer
Ohshan the Water Knight 26 xp GM:  traelynn
Emi the Woobie Mangaka 21 xp GM:  bane007
Czaren the Barrier Knight 18 xp GM:  thunderstar
Czaren the Barrier Knight 18 xp GM:  pyrak
Amiscia the Historian 14 xp GM:  triclopyr
Dalia the Lucky Star 14 xp GM:  gongrath
Gilda the Battle Maniac 12 xp GM:  traelynn
Fan-Hua the Sharp 10 xp GM:  traelynn
Roanne the Spellsword 10 xp GM:  traelynn
Vevila the Tempered 10 xp GM:  traelynn
Robin the One Eyed Mercenary 9 xp GM:  willywillow
Ashi the Eldest 8 xp GM:  skyw41kr
Jackie the Loli Giant 8 xp GM:  nattiemarie
Blix the Speechless 8 xp GM:  neith
Exalia the Gladiator 8 xp GM:  iomhar
Krin the Man on a Mission 8 xp GM:  mangojim
Elt the Sunlight Sage 8 xp GM:  marplejones
Adeline the Chronoknight 7 xp GM:  pyrak
Nou the Rogue 6 xp GM:  thunderstar
Kiri the Barbarian 6 xp GM:  baragon
Ascien the Arcane Warrior 6 xp GM:  darthdracula
Haru the Scholar Student 6 xp GM:  rxlr
Neleh the Everbright 5 xp GM:  tourneyguy
Elita the Delinquent 5 xp GM:  rxlr
Nershia the Law of Nature 5 xp GM:  bane007
Dia the Naive Knight 5 xp GM:  brixius
Victoria the Maid 5 xp GM:  trotrigar
Ragna the Axe Fighter 4 xp GM:  rlvvmc
Calie the Bard 4 xp GM:  smily8
Echo the Hardened Merc 3 xp GM:  rxlr
Pandora the Mech Merc 3 xp GM:  antiman
Fiassa the Forceful 2 xp GM:  funnio987
Atari the Dothack 1 xp GM:  neith
Winzenya the Spectral Swordswoman 1 xp GM:  rxlr
Verniy the Vodka Specialist 1 xp GM:  first
Amlarui the Spellsword 0 xp GM:  gammamutant
Chiara the Prismheart 0 xp GM:  funnio987
Channel the Conduit 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Elt the G a M E S L U T 0 xp GM:  neith
Wyn the Technomancer Wip 0 xp GM:  antiman
Alicia the Angelheart Wip 0 xp GM:  antiman
Aino the Writer 0 xp GM:  rxlr
Ariel the Aspiring Chef 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Casadora the Huntress 0 xp GM:  daretobe
Aculina the Eagle Eye 0 xp GM:  rxlr
Alumae the Backup Idea 0 xp GM:  neith
Tannin the Silver Fang 0 xp GM:  neith
Arosaa the Merc 0 xp GM:  blacktop
Hallah the He 0 xp GM:  bane007
Penance the Knight 0 xp GM:  oman1666
Amina the Wip 0 xp GM:  antiman
Jeanne the Heavy Knight 0 xp GM:  bonusducks
Aifa the Shield Maiden 0 xp GM:  thepenman
Fay the Halfling From Nothin 0 xp GM:  introvert
Beetle the Defense Droid 0 xp GM:  mikeboy28
Airavata the Water Nymph 0 xp GM:  bonusducks
Camille the Caged Wip 0 xp GM:  funnio987
Aella the Martial Monk 0 xp GM:  chemgas650
Aurelia the Tactician 0 xp GM:  darthdracula
Kira the Bloody Moon 0 xp GM:  blacktop
Chi-You the Martial Specter 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Rize the Binge Eater 0 xp GM:  mikeboy28
Neur the Odd Knight 0 xp GM:  drenian
Gera the Feisty 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Joanna the Rough Detective 0 xp GM:  teamwsmf
Arith the Mirror Knight 0 xp GM:  cawthore
Jilzira the Half Elf Monk 0 xp GM:  lordgeq
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