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Location Central America
Special Ability Creativity
Player Experience Points (PXP)

You automatically gain PXP by playing in Fabletop sessions.

You earn more by being the GM, and playing in larger groups.

It is updated up to an hour after each session.

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100 Wanderer
1000 Adventurer
5000 Hero
10000 Avatar
20000 Legend
30000 Immortal
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Joined 07.14.2017
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XP Given 61
A common guy with a huge imagination. I like to read legends and myths from different cultures.
Durin the Dwarf 4 xp GM:  aluconix
Jester the Trickster Magician 4 xp GM:  aluconix
Azrik the Noble Knight 2 xp GM:  ashtonkutchr
Alberuz the Half Dragon 0 xp GM:  yummypancake
Albert the Commoner 0 xp GM:  yummypancake
Nul the Arcane Protector 0 xp GM:  chronotales
Lebau the Youngster 0 xp GM:  gatekeeper
Clover the Arcane 0 xp GM:  ardaighfola
Remorack the Jumper 0 xp GM:  pyrak
Bones the Pirate 0 xp GM:  rothic
Kalta the God of Gold 0 xp GM:  bane007
Argath the Rider 0 xp GM:  deusvult
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Wanderer - 100 pxp