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Special Ability Is a pokemon master
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I don't know if you know me but im diablo. My hobbies in reality are playing pokemon, watching the good place, going to chipotle every sunday for a delicious bean burrito, being really lazy, Gming, watching MatPat, using the bathroom, stealing the declaration of independence, creating a paper mache pokeball museum(im almost done with that), watching anime, hating on 12 year olds, eating salsa straight from a jar, making a sandwich, crushing milk cartons, buying dake death notes, buying a meeseeks box, rating big mouth on (10/10 must watch), playing FT, not playing roll20, pretending to be a magician, buying a collection of interdimensional rick sanchez plushies, reheating 2 year old spaghetti, faking my death, being OCD, walking my neighbour's stolen dog, throwing my phone at the TV when Trump won the election, Rewatching star wars, steven universe, dog with a blog, f is for family, black mirror, sherlock, the walking dead, fear the walking dead, the good place(oh wait i already said that), gravity falls, checking snapchat, throwing away a broken macbook, destroying the world, pretending to be ultron, struggling with no fear shakespeare books, getting lost in time, beauty and the beast, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

Yeah that and Im into sci fi, sometimes medfan, modfan, and im also starting a pokemon table. Its pretty good you should come around sometime and cc it will be fun.
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