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Hello to whoever would be looking at this (i dont know why you would) :)
I'm quite new to Fabletop- actually, to tabletop roleplaying. But I always wanted to try it considering im a huge geek. i usually like playing as a player but (hopefully) I could build up the courage to GM. I usually play on weekends, but that can vary due to my classes (and yes im still a student).
Katashi the The War Mechanic 9 xp GM:  tourneyguy
Daniem the Monster Hunter 8 xp GM:  xander
Nix the Hunter 8 xp GM:  kanto5
Quil the Sorcerer 6 xp GM:  kanto5
Gilian the Thief 4 xp GM:  baragon
Novritch the Corporal 0 xp GM:  rubberducky
Darrin the Knight 0 xp GM:  trotrigar
Thinking the Knight 0 xp GM:  trotrigar
Quil the Mage 0 xp GM:  neverhavenev
Elrik the Qurren 0 xp GM:  gwenllian
Barchebolt the The Vanguard 0 xp GM:  ulrick
Tyler the The Perversive 0 xp GM:  gammamutant
Wyld the Rogue 0 xp GM:  gammamutant
Wade the Engineer 0 xp GM:  meaplord
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