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Location Town of Komike
Special Ability Wise Jester
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----- I am a tactician, I like to do the thinking on the battlefield. And as a GM, I have a tendency to make life hard for my players make tricky and mind-boggling scenarios for challenge (which may also be a unique experience) and for the fun of it. But if they start complaining, I am generous and kind, I will nerf the life out of my ene-minis, as long as they respect my decisions around. So, if you're up for a challenge, come and play with me or create a character at my table, the cc format and all are in the Info Tab, I'll be waiting at my table----

**Creativity is Intelligence having fun** - Albert Einstein

I usually host at around 16:00 UTC+00 (based on my laptop, so check that time in your own timezone). I have a Fantasy Epic with a title of Trails of Aezarea, the map is huge, the lore will be large but your character starts at lvl 0, so please no OP characters, they'll grow and their skills will grow too. It's an Epic anyway, means it'll be long. I have a zombie-survival-adventure-real table as well titled ParadiZED. Just drop by at my table or leave a message at my Inbox.

And, lastly, I have a third table concept which will be madness, so do watch out for that one. I've run a test, and it's a whole lot of crazy fun! It's largely role playing so the cc is kind of strict and limited, which will help you focus on role playing and not much on how 'strong' you really are. There will be rewards, and such rewards will help your character in the story/episodes and I will make sure that the rewards will be well worth your time and effort role playing.
Kaleitas the Advisor 100 xp GM:  redblitz
Komike the Samurai Lord 100 xp GM:  redblitz
Havoc the Ruthless 35 xp GM:  ninjarod
Shayloh the Cursed 13 xp GM:  palegeon
Rorschach the Righteous Thief 10 xp GM:  ninjarod
Domnic the Cs Format 7 xp GM:  redblitz
Buwar the Bullhead 6 xp GM:  averious
Havoc the Meat Rebel Leader 4 xp GM:  echo128
Vander the Blitzer 4 xp GM:  triclopyr
Amira the Herbalist 4 xp GM:  dmvtoker
Snooty the Nosy Dog 2 xp GM:  redblitz
Floccus the Rogue Giant 0 xp GM:  triclopyr
Bot the Mech Sample 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Cognac the Character Format 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Xenon the Runner 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Jacques the Apprentice Trader 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Despica the Cursed Thief 0 xp GM:  kingofchaos
Crowley the Ground Commander 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Lillian the Npc 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Harleen the Mystical Gypsy 0 xp GM:  ninjarod
White the Lady Ghost of Komike 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Balnis the Thunderpunch 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Jahron the Jerk Leader 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Ni'healaya the Forest Keeper 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Havoc the Fearless 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Criz the Pretty Thief 0 xp GM:  redblitz
Sonica the Lost Angel 0 xp GM:  zenn
Hood the Rogue Clown Wanderer 0 xp GM:  redblitz
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Adventurer - 1,000 pxp
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