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Stories Behind the Usernames

mylittlepony 18 days ago
This thread is basically exactly what it sounds like. If there's an interesting reason for why your username is what it is, then post it. If it's not that interesting, post it if you want. For me, I wanted to use MyLittleTails, but there aren't capital letters allowed, plus it's 1 letter too long. And thus, mylittlepony was born.
vechmaster 18 days ago
made up "vechmaster" for some website *aaaaages* ago. The name just stuck
trippasnippa 18 days ago
I had The Big Lez Show on during signing up. The trippasnippa for those that don't know is a burrito style food that has usual ingrediants, plus a metric ton of drugs. "Its called the Trippa Snippa 'cos it makes you trip the f out."
bastille 18 days ago
... it's an alt-rock band. They're alright. Just like me:)
fenriswolf91 16 days ago
I usually go with the name of Fenriswolf in almost all online games I play, just because I like the Nordic mythology and wolves.

Plus there was an unit in the old RTS game Age of Mythology called Fenriswolf, like Fenrir, the father of all wolves. And 91 is just my birth year that I add in because Fenriswolf itself is often already taken when I sign up somewhere.
oman1666 16 days ago
So, I first started using mine at about 12/13 years old... and bloody hell I was a weird little edge lord... let's break it down:

O - my first initial
Man - my gender
Oman - the son of the devil (edge lord alert!)
16 - my lucky number
666 - the devil's number (edge lord over load!)

Put that all together and you get... Oman1666!
spidermod 9 days ago
Well my username was almost always related to some game i've played, like Ender (minecraft), Ratchet (Ratchet and Clank) and Crash (Crash bandicoot). They were usually taken already so i was always changing between those. One day I ran a Don't Starve blog with my friends, I was Rping as Webber (a spider dude) so i was the Spider Moderator, and well, it stuck.
kierbrony 7 days ago
Mine's pretty simple. My name's Kieran, and I'm a Brony. I've never found a website where it's taken!
trotrigar 6 days ago
Well, Trotrigar is the main character of my book, and actually i started to use this name as username for some places as i am very bad at creating usernames.
ferhargo 6 days ago
I misspelled the name of a character from a book back when I first started getting on the internet. It took me years to go back to the book in question and realize I had done it wrong, by that point I was accustomed to the name. Being effectively random syllables due to being a variant on a rather obscure name to begin with, it's very rarely taken.
supersam317 4 days ago
My name was based on a pokemon youtuber i watched long ago named SuperSkarmory, so therefore supersam. (ik its fricken cringy and people laugh at the name)
chronodumb 2 days ago
I only started to use IGN chronodumb in my early days of Warcraft III custom map called Dota... because i mainly use Faceless Void and was such a noob in using his skill callled Chronosphere (same effect as Red Alert that freezes everyone within a radius) causing to trap within it my teammates and leaving the enemies free to massacre them... Eventually, friends began to call me chrono-dumb... and i liked the name, so i started using it on every other game i played...
knbrisson 1 day ago
Mine is pretty simple, and not sure I want to expose it, but I might as well.
K is my first intial.
N is my middle initial.
And you can guess what Brisson is.
Kinda got it from my Dad, who used the initials NKB for things like his PSN Account, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and the like. It's always stuck, and I've NEVER changed it.

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