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Location The tundra and towns
Special Ability being awesome
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You automatically gain PXP by playing in Fabletop sessions.

You earn more by being the GM, and playing in larger groups.

It is updated up to an hour after each session.

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30000 Immortal
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Im just a guy. I like to play role playing games.
Garlic the Cannibal Cook 9 xp GM:  eternallist
Fert the Arcane Archer 6 xp GM:  xenotheoddst
CharGuide the Cc Guidence 1 xp GM:  lunarglare
Garvin the Thief 0 xp GM:  nexil
Daern the Thief 0 xp GM:  verysadgirl
Darvin the Barbarian 0 xp GM:  rlvvmc
FourOhTwo the Hivemind Virus 0 xp GM:  thepoofy
Jack the Paladin 0 xp GM:  mixomitosis
Jakely the Arcane Trickster 0 xp GM:  mushroom
Dudley the Arcane Trickster 0 xp GM:  cgore
Dietri the Wizard 0 xp GM:  cgore
Jalter the Wip 0 xp GM:  awalnut
Garth the Eldrich Summoner 0 xp GM:  johntom
Walter the Bar Fight Master 0 xp GM:  phantomfox
Grud the Beserker 0 xp GM:  yummypancake
Stalair the Natural Wizard 0 xp GM:  xenotheoddst
Flawl the Rogue of Light 0 xp GM:  lobbelbob
Darin the God of Trickery 0 xp GM:  pyrak
Ja'ar the Lucky Lunatic 0 xp GM:  jungle
Limpy the Cursed Arcane 0 xp GM:  timbotr0n
Woopla the Ass Beater 0 xp GM:  pppp
Grant the The Wip 0 xp GM:  pyke
Halt the Warrior 0 xp GM:  baragon
Farn the The Crazed Barbarian 0 xp GM:  3paul7
Ralty the Holy Cleric 0 xp GM:  bluephoenix
Haltin the The Fallen Paladin 0 xp GM:  elderprince
Kolg the The Automated Mage 0 xp GM:  jungle
Kolta the Berserker 0 xp GM:  lunarglare
Gibby the The Ultimate Gibby 0 xp GM:  crimsnwaffle
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Wanderer - 100 pxp
Adventurer - 1,000 pxp
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