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Special Ability energy manipulation
Player Experience Points (PXP)

You automatically gain PXP by playing in Fabletop sessions.

You earn more by being the GM, and playing in larger groups.

It is updated up to an hour after each session.

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i play stuff. yeah...
i'm a guy.
i...uh... um...yeah...
Sekan the Lightbearer 13 xp GM:  sjlp9
Bynn the Conman 10 xp GM:  ronn
Hart the Con Man 8 xp GM:  yummypancake
Shi'kar the Wandering Con Man 8 xp GM:  yummypancake
Haste the Conman 5 xp GM:  trotrigar
Dip'er the Spellslinger 5 xp GM:  jackgreen
Agon the Quantum Physicist 4 xp GM:  furiouskitty
Hark the Con Man 1 xp GM:  chemgas650
Crackhead the Crackhead 0 xp GM:  baragon
Yue the Pedestrian 0 xp GM:  nyzrfyrn
Rak'zai the Glutton 0 xp GM:  nyzrfyrn
Correct the Political 0 xp GM:  klaimsas
Kaz the Illusionist 0 xp GM:  bluephoenix
Lucy the Eccentric 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Reim the Street Urchin 0 xp GM:  rxlr
Snek the Adorable Torturer 0 xp GM:  rothic
Rook the Lonsdaleite Golem 0 xp GM:  chemgas650
Rux'teha the Spawn of the Rift 0 xp GM:  antiman
Example the Example 0 xp GM:  cymon
Teemo the Furry Hunter 0 xp GM:  trotrigar
Spein the Undecided 0 xp GM:  trotrigar
Flin the Dusk Walker 0 xp GM:  neith
Ehasin the Conman 0 xp GM:  thepenman
Blazz the God of Reckless Joy 0 xp GM:  bane007
Raeh the Jack of All Trades 0 xp GM:  marplejones
Bross the Golem 0 xp GM:  kanto5
BobRoss the Golem 0 xp GM:  kanto5
Snipe the Solid Snek 0 xp GM:  kanto5
Arma-diu the Whip Arm Specter 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Eton the Conman 0 xp GM:  smily8
Snek the Snek 0 xp GM:  smily8
Whylashi the Last Yggdrasil Tree 0 xp GM:  thunderstar
Ghanz the Golem 0 xp GM:  yummypancake
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