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Special Ability Sandbox
Player Experience Points (PXP)

You automatically gain PXP by playing in Fabletop sessions.

You earn more by being the GM, and playing in larger groups.

It is updated up to an hour after each session.

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100 Wanderer
1000 Adventurer
5000 Hero
10000 Avatar
20000 Legend
30000 Immortal
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Joined 08.30.2014
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Im an basic gamer that likes ANY type of game
Ray the The Renegade Guard 12 xp GM:  derekmelton
Vahhallan the Sorcerer 8 xp GM:  rlvvmc
Kresnik the Vampire Scorcher 5 xp GM:  seven7
Celeste the Grail of the Sun God 5 xp GM:  nason22
Moonshade the Moon Mage 4 xp GM:  bluephoenix
RayKonn the Reaper 4 xp GM:  blacktop
Faerys the Runecrafter 3 xp GM:  ripripla
Arkhan the Grimoire Mage 1 xp GM:  trdragonking
MoonShade the Ultimate Hero 1 xp GM:  godx2
Erlkonig the Treacherous Fey King 0 xp GM:  charlotte18
Imp the Servant of Own Sin 0 xp GM:  cxjulian
Mordred the Dunmer Mage 0 xp GM:  seven7
Phoebe the The Masked Goddess 0 xp GM:  meepowolf
JeanGrey the The Phoenix 0 xp GM:  rickgrimes
Terminus the User of Dark Will 0 xp GM:  pimi
Nebulos the Blade of Orion 0 xp GM:  godx2
Olhoroxo the Primitive Tribe 0 xp GM:  oman1666
Aeronidas the Lost Archmage 0 xp GM:  jgrace
Freya the Fairy Enchantress 0 xp GM:  joey1234567
Elf the The Timeelf Cop 0 xp GM:  862ian
Argus the Just a Kid 0 xp GM:  rlvvmc
Ouros the The Heavenly Dragon 0 xp GM:  godx2
Arkunoz the Newbie Warrior 0 xp GM:  redriot
Ultros the The Magician 0 xp GM:  rlvvmc
Luke the Pirate Cook 0 xp GM:  whoptop
Arkunoz the Enginner 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Circe the Goddess of Magic 0 xp GM:  starkillerrx
Prinomus the The First Gnome 0 xp GM:  nexil
Deraz the Arcane Guard 0 xp GM:  drenian
Terminus the Power Incarnate 0 xp GM:  spoiderman
Rakhik the Necromancer Deity 0 xp GM:  ddrage
Ray the Goblin Mage 0 xp GM:  sumdonkas
Ray the Scientist Chief 0 xp GM:  fogell1
Faerys the Stonekeeper 0 xp GM:  godx2
Cybros the Hacking Spy 0 xp GM:  punkblade
Elvin the Elf Seer 0 xp GM:  skepsil
Kryter the Geomancer 0 xp GM:  andreil
Raykonn the Mysterious Man 0 xp GM:  somerandom
WickedMan the Warlock 0 xp GM:  chemgas650
Thuor the Warlock of Time 0 xp GM:  koil2archer
Raykonn the The Seer 0 xp GM:  baragon
Ray the The Actor 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Argus the Royal Guard 0 xp GM:  wdtefv
Morpheus the Three-eyed Arcanist 0 xp GM:  rlvvmc
Ramon the Tamer 0 xp GM:  rlvvmc
Aemon the The Occultist 0 xp GM:  willywillow
Menace the Cyber Scientist 0 xp GM:  tourneyguy
Aeon the Occultist 0 xp GM:  dynamite177
Archo the Mystical Gladiator 0 xp GM:  yummypancake
Arkunoz the Red Dragon Knight 0 xp GM:  rlvvmc
Raykonn the Noble Mage 0 xp GM:  rlvvmc
Argus the Chosen King of Light 0 xp GM:  lonehandman
Zerke the Stormtrooper 0 xp GM:  sumdonkas
Roggery the Mechasuit Pilot 0 xp GM:  godx2
Glovir the Marrionette 0 xp GM:  austintm
Direwolf the Thief 0 xp GM:  captainsnake
Odin the Nordic God 0 xp GM:  daretobe
Gnome the Great Spirit 0 xp GM:  godx2
Ramon the White Mage 0 xp GM:  daretobe
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Wanderer - 100 pxp
Adventurer - 1,000 pxp
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