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i like to diversify my role playing, i don't have special liking towards a class or a type of game, just depends on my mood, so i'm very picky when i choose a character.
i mostly play as PC, but who knows, i may host a table someday.
Anyway i hope you enjoy playing with me ^^
Galidein the Beastmaster 92 xp GM:  azog
Fyuri the Spring 73 xp GM:  leonhardt
Sinatra the Swashbuckler 70 xp GM:  aidar
Quentlis the Thief 43 xp GM:  hammer
Salvanes the Dhampire 29 xp GM:  azog
Hadris the Inquisitor 29 xp GM:  starkillerrx
Collen the Captain 26 xp GM:  knbrisson
Yorik the Fighter 17 xp GM:  trotrigar
Laila'pu the Shaman 16 xp GM:  bonechewer15
Ohaya the Fey 8 xp GM:  thunderstar
Guizmo the Technochimp 6 xp GM:  triclopyr
Tyriak the Hunter 6 xp GM:  triclopyr
Cordelia the Raindrop 5 xp GM:  mikeboy29
Kaliope the Colossus Slayer 5 xp GM:  fremkun
Exocia the Warlock 5 xp GM:  introvert
Lyuta the Wizard 4 xp GM:  fremkun
Shaina the Sea Witch 4 xp GM:  michalmacies
Yuuva the The Ranger 3 xp GM:  oman1666
Rust the Soldier 3 xp GM:  oman1666
Quentlin the Frostborn 2 xp GM:  hammer
Toll the Gunslinger 1 xp GM:  trotrigar
Uman the Druid 0 xp GM:  baragon
Gabriel the The Chronicler 0 xp GM:  fenriswolf91
Ja'ruth the God of Beasts 0 xp GM:  mysteryman21
Mikko the Alchemist 0 xp GM:  triclopyr
Archie the Pathfinder 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Khozu the Berserk 0 xp GM:  sirslaughter
Merihim the Bard 0 xp GM:  trotrigar
Lyuta the Bard 0 xp GM:  trotrigar
Lyuta the Swashbuckler 0 xp GM:  starkillerrx
Utto the Brawler 0 xp GM:  caviar
Radok the Bearserk 0 xp GM:  triclopyr
Guilmont the Doctor 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Kishaw the Brawler 0 xp GM:  caviar
Kishka the Brawler 0 xp GM:  caviar
Kishaw the Brawler 0 xp GM:  homyakokryak
Seiggy the Bioengineer 0 xp GM:  tomasek1a
Dalkis the Halfblood Fighter 0 xp GM:  pear
Hamoun the God of Springs 0 xp GM:  aurumsol19
Garret the Black Jester 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Hamon the Paladin 0 xp GM:  lolipopcrash
Vitaly the Swashbuckler 0 xp GM:  palegeon
Sultan the Swashbuckler 0 xp GM:  thaxas
Alidan the Beta Tester 0 xp GM:  gunzzi
Dante the Prowler 0 xp GM:  mythicchild
Quentlin the Evoker 0 xp GM:  rocktalon
Volton the Cutthroat 0 xp GM:  rocktalon
Laila'pu the Shaman 0 xp GM:  michalmacies
Hansel the Lumberjack 0 xp GM:  laketpondlin
Evangilia the Swashbuckler 0 xp GM:  lacergunn
Oniwa the God of Pleasure 0 xp GM:  shenigan
Seth the Rocker 0 xp GM:  vechmaster
Undhal the Baron of Vol'car 0 xp GM:  oman1666
Elios the God of Hunting 0 xp GM:  humon
Wolfy the Leader Wolf 0 xp GM:  leonhardt
Yusum the Toxine 0 xp GM:  thebriarwolf
Suzana the Bard 0 xp GM:  aardvarkus
Zenik the Wind Master 0 xp GM:  aries
Alesan the Light Spirit 0 xp GM:  polando
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